Meet a real Scientologist

On BBC Radio last Sunday:

Meet Real People: Meet A Scientologist Mini Documentaries on YouTube

The Church of Scientology channel on YouTube features new videos now, from the “Meet A Scientologist” series. Nice!

To get to the full  playlist of Meet Scientologist videos click here:

The latest couple of videos included a hairdressr, music producer and make-up artist. Diverse, as Scientologists are. Here is my favorite one (for now, as more are added every day it seems):

Meet A Scientologist, or two, or 100!

A couple of days ago the Church of Scientology put the 100th “Meet a Scientologist” video on YouTube. I am curious what the responses are.

My favorite one is this one (vrooom!):

And here is the whole playlist.

I saw the video crew when they came by. Maybe I should have agreed to an interview. Hm.. next time.

– L

“Scientologists Launch Slick New Ad Campaign”

says the “Open Sky Media Blog” and links to some video clips on Youtube showing the new Scientology ads:

Thanks, Jason!


“Anonymous” and the ScientologyMyths website

# Comment by hostile on February 16, 2008 8:34 pm

why does the “anonymous” link not say anything about anonymous?


There is not much to say about Anonymous right now. Wait until the first ones are in jail for their criminal activities, bomb threats and anthrax scares. That’s a story then. I have done interviews with Scientologists who actually got threatened with murder and how they felt when they thought they are about to die of the hand of “Anonymous” fanatics. I also talked to innocent bystanders who got their home broken into, to scare them and only for that purpose. Maybe I put this up, maybe not. Actually you won’t have to wait long. I am learning video software right now and soon should have the first YouTube message ready. Anonymous runs an agenda to destroy the beliefs of Scientology parishioners (I know they say that their actions are against “the Church” but this a bit dumb, isn’t it. There is no such thing as “the Church”. There are only people, with jobs and family, like anyone else, whose live is made miserable by a group of criminals. And I am not talking about the geeks living in the basement of their parents home, running a DDOS script. And not about those with a mask in front of Church buildings, who think it is courageous to crack jokes about members of of a religious minority. I am talking about those who manipulated them to do it).

– Lou

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