Squirrels… again.

Just a note. I updated the ScientologyMyths.info site with some stuff on squirrels and their claims.

Here you go: http://www.scientologymyths.info/squirrels/behind-the-squirrels.php

Enjoy! (if that is the right word for this stuff ;))

Why Crime doesn’t pay off

A New Zealand newspaper  called “Stuff” reports today that “New Zealand bans UK couple over Scientology case”.  As the story goes, Robin Scott, 62, and his wife Adrienne, 61, were refused residence in New Zealand based on the fact that they did not let the authorities know about their criminal past. So far, so normal. BUT, it wouldn’t appear on Scientology Myths if not one of the uglier “Myth” would be connected to one of the two, Robin Scott.

As “Stuff” says:

“Mr Scott had served a month in a Danish prison before being deported in 1984. He later agreed he faced a criminal charge but said it was essentially a civil dispute over “industrial espionage”. He had waited outside a Scientology property in Copenhagen while two accomplices wearing the insignia of senior church officials gained entry and obtained teaching materials to use in a business he had set up for students wanting to study Scientology from outside the organization.”

A squirrel. One of those who stole materials that are still circulating as “actual Scientology materials” (most of them are not, but some kind of “interpretation” or “improvement”). Well, it didn’t last long until he showed his true colors. “Stuff” continues:

“In 1996 he was sentenced to four years’ jail, and in 1998 he was sentenced to another two years and six months on the cannabis charges. Mrs Scott was sentenced to 15 months, and later 240 hours’ community work, on the charges she faced but she was accepted for registration as a teacher in New Zealand.”

It’s never too late to get one’s life in order. Robin, start with this.

– L

Squirrels… Yikes!

This morning I was pointed to a rather funny video of several  “SquirrelBusters”. By the looks of it it’s a prank but I thought no one should be left with a question what a “Squirrel” is. And I don’t mean those flat pieces of bloody fur you sometimes see on high-traffic roads, no, I am talking about the definition of a Scientology squirrel. As Scientology is built on the findings and teachings of L. Ron Hubbard it might be best to show what he said about them:

You know what a squirrel is?  A squirrel is somebody — you know, the medical profession since time immemorial and all these various professions have had on their coattails, squirrels.  Every one of them.  There hasn’t been a single branch of human endeavor that doesn’t have its lunatic fringe.  (L. Ron Hubbard, 5 December 1952, Lecture “ARC/Cycles: Theory and Automaticity)

Although we’ve had other definitions for a squirrel, that’s the one I commonly use to myself. A squirrel is somebody who runs round and round and round the cage of his own bank. (L. Ron Hubbard, 23 November 1956, Lecture: “Farewell Lecture”)

A squirrel is a person — a person who’s going around looking for nuts that are foolish enough to let him process them.  (L. Ron Hubbard, 6 April 1959, Lecture: “Beingness and Communication”)

But why would Scientologists be so concerned with  them? It’s for the protection of people. Maybe this one explains it best:

Here is the guy who plans to “squirrel” and “grab Scientology.” Here is the boy.  Or here is the girl.  But here is also a thetan buried in the mud.  And if you let this person go without attention, he or she will soon become ill or die — or worse will mess up or kill others.  The person is the only real psycho.  And if you let him drift he’ll soon wind up in the brain surgeon’s suppressive hands.  So it’s nothing to overlook.  People who have to solve their problems by shooting the rest of us down are what made life such a hell in this universe. You have your hands on the implanter, the warmonger, the wrecker. (L. Ron Hubbard, Policy Letter of 5 April 1965, titled “The No-Case-Gain Student”)

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