I started updating the information on, e.g. mentioning the restoration and release of the remaining lectures of L. Ron Hubbard, some fixes on the home page, adding new (official) statistics etc. I am sure you can think of more.

Any suggestions?

– Louanne

Update 17 February 2010: Thanks for the suggestions. I a moving this thread here.

Now I understand one thing or two….

How is Scientology doing in 2009? Well, I finally found some statistics on the Scientology Press Office website which I want to share. I’ll put them on as well (the one’s on there are from 2008 and a little stale now…). Here we go:

– The Church’s property holdings internationally have more than doubled in the last 5 years. The combined size of Church premises increased from 5.6 million square feet in 2004 to 11 million square feet in 2009.

– The Church has acquired 66 buildings since 2004 in major population centers around the world.

– The Church has completed 401,003 square feet of construction of new premises in the last 5 months. It currently has under construction another 475,887 square feet, including Churches in Washington D.C., Las Vegas, Quebec, Mexico City, Brussels, Rome and Tel Aviv.

– There are 8,071 Scientology Churches, Missions and groups in 165 nations, double the number five years ago.

– 80 million L. Ron Hubbard books and lectures on Dianetics and Scientology have been sold in the last decade, compared to 5.6 million in the prior decade, and 60 of that 80 million have been sold in the last two years-more than during the first 50 years of Dianetics and Scientology combined.

– The number of individuals completing auditing and training has doubled since 2007.

– Since the Church undertook to publish and reproduce its scriptural materials in-house in 2007, the average price of Mr. Hubbard’s books and lectures sold has decreased dramatically.

– There were 12.4 million visitors to the Scientology website in the last year alone coming from 234 countries, with 23 million video views.

– 4.5 million pages of L. Ron Hubbard’s writings have been translated in the last 10 years alone compared to a total of 359,459 for the prior 50 years, making him the most translated author in history-according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

– Today there are 196,000 Scientology Volunteer Ministers worldwide-there were 45,000 in 2004. Volunteer Ministers helped over 1.4 million people in the last year alone, a 300% increase over the 2004 figure of 550,000 people helped

Sounds impressive!

– L

Scientology Myths Trailer is up!

A very nice person was creating a trailer for

Check it out! updated with information on L. Ron Hubbard and Ron DeWolf

I got several requests what the background of some weird stories about L. Ron Hubbard is. Well, dug into the box, did some research, wrote some text, and there you have two new articles on Scientology Myths:

Feedback wanted as usual! And – please let me know if you miss something.

– Louanne

Film tip!

No, not Hancock… though this seems to be a great movie!

There is a series of new videos on the Scientology Video Channel, 20 or so, and I wanted to invite anyone interested to watch them. The same videos are also on the Youtube Scientology video channel.

My absolute favorite: “Inside a Church of Scientology”.

Powerful! And very realistic!

Then there is a short biography about L. Ron Hubbard.

Also I found several news clips about Dianetics and at least a dozen new PSAs against drugs. Somebody was really busy in the last month!

Enjoy, talk about it, ask questions about it!

– Louanne
(“officially” back 20th July or so)

Got questions? Go here!

Hi there,

and thanks for visiting this blog! There are some hot discussions ongoing here at times but I just got reminded that this blog was put up to give you the opportunity to ask questions, about Scientology, Scientologists and whatever you feel it related to that.

Let me know, I am interested to read what is on your mind!

– Louanne

PS: 16 July 08. This thread is closed and a new one opened here:

There has been an increased amount of trolling in the past week. I have better things to do than moderating each comment on this blog, so please get your act together and vent somewhere else.

Added button for RSS feed

(on the left) updated with White Snow and Freaks…

I spent some hours on yesterday and today compiling, reading, understanding and summarizing documents and websites on three issues that are pretty hot right now: “Operation” Snow White, Operation Freakout and the IRS Tax Exemption of Scientology in the United States. And I added some more stuff…. check it out.

If you got feedback, no matter what it is: send me a mail!

– Louanne updated

I updated today. Nothing fancy, just a little but of data on “disconnection”, family, sex and so on. You might want to have a look and let me know what I missed…

– Louanne

You killed me!

No, not really. I really appreciate your questions and emails and just today I heard that someone dedicated a YouTube channel to me. Flattering! I registered my own channel weeks ago but never got to produce videos for it.

I am skimming through those 300+ comments on the two channels this blog has and will find those I haven’t answered yet (or not fully). So stay tuned. For urgent questions shoot me an email:

– Louanne

Update 22 April: Funny, the YouTube channel does not exist anymore. I wonder if some inconvenient truth brought that about.

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