New Scientology Video clarifies “Front Groups”

Here is a brand-new video (also on that is pretty much sel-explanatory what groups the Church of Scientology supports and how.

A new round of questions? Go ahead!

Hi there,

and thanks for visiting this blog! I put it up to give you the opportunity to ask questions, about Scientology, Scientologists and whatever you feel is related to that. If you are here to make statements or raise a fuss, you are violating the only rule this blog has. So please, don’t to it.

– Louanne

This is an old thread. The new one is here:

Freedom Magazine

…. got their site brushed up. Great content and lots of it, finally! If you don’t want to spend a lot of time looking through the many pages of the new issue of Freedom Magazine online, go download the PDF here or on Scientology Myths.

Nice long and nicer little articles like this one about human rights:

Human Rights

Central to Scientology beliefs is a conviction that all humankind is entitled to inalienable rights. So it is that for more than 50 years Scientologists have championed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Today, the Church of Scientology sponsors the largest non-governmental information campaign to make the Universal Declaration of Human Rights known the world over.

The Church’s human rights initiative sponsors groups and activities and provides its materials to individuals, groups and government agencies in 82 nations. This includes:

  • What are Human Rights? booklets educate youth and adults on the 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in terms anyone can understand.
  • A study guide, activities manual and educator’s classroom kit give teachers, human rights groups and governments effective tools to educate youth and adults on their human rights.
  • An accompanying documentary video, The Story of Human Rights complements the PSAs, booklets and educator materials as a further tool to bring about a universal awareness and respect for human rights.

Overview of results:

  • Since 2006, more than 1.6 billion people have viewed the Human Rights PSAs on 3,553 stations in 16 languages across 73 nations.
  • The Human Rights World Tour has traveled 174,000 miles throughout 45 nations, reaching over 11 million people.
  • Over 1.5 million human rights publications containing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights have been distributed to human rights groups, educators and individuals.
  • Over 500,000 people have visited the United for Human Rights ( and Youth for Human Rights ( Internet sites in the last three years.
  • More than 380,000 human rights information mailings have been sent to human rights groups and government agencies.
  • More than 200,000 people have signed the Human Rights Petition urging governments to adopt reforms in human rights and to give the Universal Declaration of Human Rights the force of law

Other stories are covering some creepy journalists of the St. Petersburg Times. But the stories about David Miscavige take the price.

In short, go get the magazine! It helps to get an idea about Scientology, and could answer a couple of questions.

– Louanne

One Year Scientology Myths Blog!

The Good: When I set up this blog to complement my website at about one year ago I had not foreseen the many responses I would get, almost 3,800 in the last 12 months! Honestly I was not expecting that there would be that many people online looking for answers to critical questions about Scientology. But you surprised me and the many others who came here to help answering all your questions. I will continue and as usual I am open for any question you can think of!

The Bad: Looking through the comments of the past two months the following came to mind: Some decades ago Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard developed a set of techniques to improve learning and learning speed. It’s called “study technology” and though it is completely secular it is used in Churches of Scientology and many schools alike. About “evaluation of information” Hubbard notes: “The day that marks your death is the day that you sit back and decide that you know everything there is to know about everything there is around you, so there is no reason for you to observe anything anymore.” (Lecture of 11 August 1964, “Study: Evaluation of Information”).

With that in mind I started weeding out the zombies that sometimes plague this blog’s comment sections. As I said a year ago, the the purpose of this place is “to ask questions about Scientology, no matter what type of questions or how stupid they may sound.” It is not a platform for single-track minded blockheads whose only purpose in life seems to be to make others wrong. In turn I want to thank everyone who wants to observe and ask and learn new viewpoints. And in case I accidentally removed a question of yours: sorry! Please post it again or send me an email. Generally, keep on communicating! If you have long texts, want to run by a statement, or – very important – if you miss something here or on Scientology Myths, please send me an email: scientologymyths

I am curious what the next year of Scientology Myths 2.0 will bring!

– Louanne

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Thank you for coming here! Scientology is a hot topic these days but hardly any reliable information can be found on the internet. So here is a blog and a website which tries to achieve the seemingly impossible: answers to controversial questions about Scientology.

Please read the FAQ before you ask me personal questions. I am pretty busy in real life and if you grow impatient while waiting for an answer, please shoot me an email: I am happy that more people like me found their way to this blog and give their time to answer your questions. So you should not have to wait too long and I would really hate to miss your question. So, ask away!

– Louanne

Hey there.

There are plenty, myths, about Scientology. What do you want to know? I’ll check it out for you.

What I can answer will (hopefully) be put up on Scientology Myths website – and here, for sure.

So ask, or be silent forever.

– Lu

NOTE!!!! I have created a guest access for the blog. Log in with myths1 as the user name and myths123 as password.

That means you can post your questions now instead of writing in this comment section. This will be a test, let’s see if this is better than this endless comment section here.

Update 17 Feb 2008:

The first thing happening now is some jerk used the new account to put spam on the page and changed the password to prevent anybody else to post. Sorry, I didn’t think that this would be abused so fast but sorry, if you want to rant on the net, use another blog. There are plenty of those and this one is different. – Lu

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