Updated: Apostates and so on

UPDATE 8 Feb 2011: Here are two Church of Scientology statements on the subject, both from yesterday:
Statement 1 (PDF)
Statement 2 (PDF)

This morning I ran across an interesting statement of the Church of Scientology in regards to “apostates”. Though I’d share, comments [] are mine:

“It is unfortunate that The New Yorker [some lame weekly magazine with no research capabilities] chose to introduce its readers to Scientology through the eyes of an apostate, someone religious scholars unanimously denounce as unreliable, rather than take advantage of the Church’s invitation to experience its practices and humanitarian works firsthand. The New Yorker doesn’t mention Scientology’s global human rights initiative, which has educated millions on human rights. Or its “Truth About Drugs” crusade, teaching millions how to live drug-free. Or its global Volunteer Ministers program, whose work in Haiti alone has been hailed by the international community. Or its dozens of new Churches bringing Scientology’s life saving technology to communities around the world. Indeed the newest Church opened just this last week in Melbourne, Australia.

The one grain of truth in the article is its acknowledgment of the positive effect Scientology has had on the lives of its adherents and the world at large—that is the message of Scientology.

The article is little more than a regurgitation of old allegations that have long been disproved. It is disappointing that a magazine with the reputation of The New Yorker chose to reprint these sensationalist claims from disaffected former members hardly worthy of a tabloid. As for the claim that the Church is the subject of a federal investigation, the Church has never been advised of any government investigation, a fact The New Yorker knew before it went to print. Moreover, the subject of the alleged investigation was recently raised in a lawsuit by the same individuals who are the sources for the article and the complaint was resoundingly dismissed by a Federal District Court Judge. The New Yorker was aware of this fact but irresponsibly sought to use the claim of an “investigation” to garner headlines for an otherwise stale article containing nothing but rehashed unfounded allegations.

Anyone who wants to know the true story of Scientology should find out for themselves by coming to a Church of Scientology, whose doors are always open, or going to the Church’s website, www.Scientology.org.”

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