Defectors Say “Church of Scientology…”

Defectors…. what a nice term, try that out for size, defect-ors. Something’s not right about them.  Commonly these people are called “apostates” and they are known for inventing the most ridiculous stories about their former friends. I wrote about them earlier. But here is a new viewpoint, just ticking into my Google Alerts:

It is unfortunate that some government officials and media continue to rely on discredited apostates to justify discriminatory policies against the Church of Scientology and its members. Virtually all punitive government actions targeting Scientology in the past decades were based on unsubstantiated anecdotal testimony from disgruntled apostates. When the evidence was finally reviewed by objective government officials or judicial bodies, the Church emerged completely vindicated while the false allegations of apostates were exposed and discredited. (Author Jeff Smado links to my site, ha!)

Interesting symbiosis, and I might add that it has mostly been anti-religious governments officials (as opposed to neutral) that use those losers. So, basically, is it far-fetched to assume that someone is sponsoring “ex-Scios” for some other agenda?

– L

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