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US Magazine reported yesterday about John Travolta saying that ” Scientology Helping Us ‘Heal’ After Jett’s Death”. Actually, his wife Kelly Preston said something like that, namely: “We partake in spiritual counseling pretty much daily.” (US Magazine, 9 November 2009)

I understand she is talking about auditing, the spiritual counseling of the Church of Scientology. has an article about auditing which I can only recommend. Even better is this video:

The first auditing technique developed by L. Ron Hubbard was Dianetics auditing, covered in his book “Dianetics – the modern science of mental health” (1950). This book is still being sold, on paper, as audio book and as a film, and enables anyone to sit down with a friend and start auditing, right where ever they are, and take control over of those itches and irrational patterns in their live (more – not embeddable – videos about that are here).

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