A Sad Story of Tabloid Journalism

I am not saying something new when referring to tabloids as offensive to logical minds. But recently another magazine has joined the crowd of mind-boggling, hair-raising and nausea-inducing “news” magazines: Vanity Fair. Calling Maureen Orth’s recent Vanity Fair story about the Church of Scientology a “piece of trash” is actually an understatement. Even trash is more useful than Orth’s delusional rendition of the truth. The amount of unverified and misrepresented data in this article hits a new low in current journalism. And it is not a surprise to find out that it was completely based on the usual anti-Scientologist crowd a la Rathbun and Headley. Not one person presented in the story was actually talked to.  Headley, who just lost a second time in court against the Church and is notorious for changing his story as it suits him, is the grand “source” for Mrs. Orth. This journalist is a lost cause.

To save Vanity Fair, write to its editor at letters@vf.com . There might be some hope that they come to their senses. But we have to tell them about the erosion of quality that is happening right under their eyes.

The Church of Scientology issued a statement on the article. It is very well worth reading:


– L

Yawn…. another journalist trying a PR stunt. Disappointing.

Update September 28, 2010: I just watched the Panorama show (courtesy of some Anon asshole who streamed it). Not impressed. Kept on waiting for something substantial.

In 2007 Sweeney not only lost his reputation as a professional journalist, he lost his sense of fair and true reporting as well (if he had such a thing). Any information in the Panorama show got swallowed by John Sweeney’s overriding and futile attempts to get his status back. Yes, the church filmed him when he was trying to trick them. Yes, the Church of Scientology is a strong group that does not tolerate being lied about. Wow, what’s new?

This “documentary” is best explained in the Church’s statement and own documentary that was published on their website (http://www.freedommag.org) yesterday. Or watch it on Youtube:

Mike Rinder, you are such a whimp, attacking women. Try this with me and you’ll learn something new.

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