Who is this guy Ron Miscavige?

Hi folks,

I didn’t get to update here for a while. But there is now a new article up on ScientologyMyths.info.

“Teaser” here:

Ok, so there is a guy called Ron Miscavige who showed up in the media recently.

For those who don’t know, it’s this guy:

Ron Miscavige

For Scientologists, he comes under the heading of “slack, obnoxious and lying through his teeth.” It might be true that he had some extra protection due to his last name. But that stopped when he hooked up with  people that are outspoken enemies of Scientology. I mean, who in their right mind would support someone that is friends with people that attack your beliefs and basically want you dead? He must have lost a lot of friends with that. Also not a surprise then that his family came forward with their experience with Ron Miscavige. The Church put it out for everyone to see, here.

I’ll update as the story rolls out.

Update 9 July 2016: Well, that guy was a non-starter. Had his five minutes of fame (at the expense of destroying his complete family just “to be right”) and vanished in the past. Sad story, bro.



  1. That Ron guy sounds like a typical liar. He probably is trying to run a scam. Liars like him are always con artists.

  2. Yeah, who does this loser think he is?

  3. Yeah, who is this loser?

  4. Ron Miscavige just ate too much seafood. That’s his problem. Maybe if he wasn’t such a jibber jabbering fool he would understand that we at the Church of Scientology are only trying to help him. Too bad. Maybe one day he will cognite.

  5. Can anyone with a brain defend this whoremaster, Ron Miscavige? Utterly fantastic! After all his son, David Miscavige, who worked with L. Ron Hubbard, is a very capable and compassionate chairman of The Church of Scientology. Ronnie Miscavige is a degrading traitor.

  6. Yeah, just the same. Who is this apostate known as Ron?

  7. So all the same, who is this guy?

  8. What a loser this Ron Miscavige. Better forget him. Who needs him anyway.

  9. This Ron Miscavige dude is one sick puppy. I don’t see where he gets off on attacking someone’s religion. Well, he had his fifteen seconds of fame. End of cycle on this nonsense for sure.

  10. My blog about todays corrupt religions. link to the post about scientology http://ejuz.lv/b27 what you think?

  11. Hmmm… Methinks you are part of the OSA. If so, you could be of some help…

    Wereyat on the bridge btw?

  12. For what it is worth, this Ron Miscavige guy is a real loser for sure.
    Until I read all about this deadbeat, I thought I had heard everything.
    Calling Scientology a sham is beyond belief. It really takes the cake!!!!!
    Knowing what these apostates are capable of, I am glad he is gone.

    You are invaluable in showing what these enturbulating phonies do.
    Only a fraud like Ron Miscavige could do such a shameful thing .
    Until we weed out such traitors, we must accept this nonsense.

    • Thanks, Mick.

      • lol

      • I really don’t to embarass you, Louanne, but the person you thanked has a link that you seem to have missed. In fact, most of the positive comments that your blog receives (aside from you and Pat, who seems to be gone) is from someone that’s actually posting cartoons and jokes making fun of scientology, while leaving nice comments so you’ll miss the joke.

        I just thought you should know what you were thanking that person for.

      • Also, why would she be thanking him for saying “F**K YOU”? That’s what he wrote (almost correctly) using the first letter of each sentence. Or did Louanne miss that?

      • lol, F#*K YOU. LRH knew exactly how to brainwash. As do all the other cult leaders through the times. Unfortunately, is was the psychology literature explaining how the brainwashing techniques work, step by step, that made it possible for these demented souls to create the program. You can google ‘how brainwashing works’ and find articles that explain the process. Scientology is a perfect step by step example. Beginning with their personality test.

  13. So how much money does David Miscavige earn in his position, that he can afford to buy expensive cars, hire top lawyers, and give gifts of $100,000? He must get a lot of money. Or did the church pay for it all, like it did for David’s multiple cars, motorcycles, and mansions?

    Assuming for a moment that everything in the latest Scientology smear piece is true, it’s amazing to me that they didn’t have any problem with those accusations at any point. Apparently you can beat your spouse and kids in Scientology, and you’ll be given homes. Critique them and you’re a monster. Just like how Isaac Hayes was fine with south park mocking all religions until it came to Scientology.

    Anyway, glad you’re back. Hope RPF wasn’t too bad on you :(

    • David Miscavige’s finances are transparent. He is the international rep of a world religion. Do you expect him to show up in rags? Any Scientologist would give him more than enough funds to get dressed appropriately and to get around in fast and comfortably. That’s a matter of pride for any Scientologist. And how he got to give a $100k gift to his dad is covered here: http://ronmiscavigebook.com : “While living with his namesake son after Ronnie’s arrest for soliciting prostitution, Ronald asked David Miscavige for “a little help.” He said he wanted to move away from Ronnie and get a home of his own in Wisconsin. He received $100,000 tax-free that he used to buy a house—the first ever that Ronald owned free and clear of a mortgage. The gift represented roughly David Miscavige’s entire inheritance from his mother, and David Miscavige made the gift in hopes that his father would live his life out in peace.”

      • They are? That’s interesting. So are you saying that you could ask to see his fanancial records? Could I? What about the organization’s financial records? So far, they haven’t made them publicly available. Why not?

        Honestly, I don’t believe that the $100k was entirely from the inheritence. Miscavige lives the life of a king. But that’s okay with you, and that’s great. But the fact that you can’t verify the financial records for yourself and just have to believe what you’re told should be a concern to you. But I don’t think that it is.

        But why are the financial records secret?

      • I’m curious, Louanne. How do you defend a single man (who isn’t even involved in the actual management functions and day to day decisions of the organization) living such a lavish lifestyle, while those that look to him for spiritual guidance are literally killing themselves over their own financial troubles? Often after giving more than they can afford to their local org.

        Why are you okay with him living in a mansion, owning multiple expensive vehicles and living the life of a wealthy man?

        If Scientology has nothing to hide, why won’t they reveal the details of the secret agreement with the IRS? Why won’t they release the financial records? Why the secrecy with member funds? What are they hiding, Louanne?

      • How do you know the amount that Miscavige inherited from his mother? She didn’t leave a will, so there’s no legal record in the probate court. So how did you INDEPENDANTLY verify that piece of data?

        I’m going to guess that you didn’t. That you were told it and now you’ve repeated it here as fact. You didn’t say that was a theory or what you were told- you presented it as true. That’s very disappointing, Louanne. Do you ever question any data that the church tells you is true?

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