What is an Apostate, or “ex-member”?

As posted on ScientologyMyths.info:

From the American Heritage Dictionary: “One who has abandoned one’s religious faith, a political party, one’s principles, or a cause. Usually apostates are called ex-members or former members.”

Lonnie Kliever, Professor of Religious Studies at the Southern Methodist University, says about apostates:

“There is no denying that these (apostates) present a distorted view of the new religions to the public, the academy, and the courts by virtue of their ready availability and eagerness to testify against their former religious associations and activities.”

The full Study: The Reliability of Apostate Testimony About New Religious Movements

I personally think these people SUCK. Too wimpy to sort out their grievances – if they are no made up to begin with – and too much of a coward to address their personal issues.  Disgusting. The Church of Scientology always has an open door for those who change their mind and stop being assholes. And they will, I am positive.

So. Back to something worthwhile.

– L


  1. Yes, those people do suck. They do a few services and then they think they are experts on Scientology. Don’t believe a word they say.

  2. I never met an apostate that I liked. I mean, who would believe such people. I know I wouldn’t.

  3. Apostates are the worst.

  4. Apostates can just go to hell. They have no idea the trouble and pain they are causing with their lies.

  5. Apostates don’t have a clue. They are just disgruntled former members who don’t know how to fit in and relate to their fellow human beings. That is really sad.

  6. Have to say, you have a great site here. Very nice. Congrats.
    As a non-Scientologist I am not sure what this is all about here.
    I do agree however that apostates are not welcome anywhere.
    Listening to that natter is very sad indeed. Very negative.

    Xactly what do these traitors hope to accomplish? Very strange.
    Every group has troublemakers like these I guess in every age.
    Not xactly the type of people I like to be around. Way too negative.
    Unfortunately, this is what you have to put up with.

  7. Did you really call a former member of the Church an asshole? WoW. Mumble that under your breath if you must. For a representative of a Church to call an ex member an asshole is assholish in itself. Again WoW..

  8. Have to say, never met an apostate I liked. No sir. No sirree.
    Apostates just have missed withholds. That’s their problem.
    I first noticed this phenomenon early on in my Scientology life.
    Luckily, I never fell prey to it either. Thank you Ron for this.

    Xcellent and x-acting application of the tech make all this possible.
    Every detail in applying the tech is drilled to perfection. Thanks Ron.
    Never again will I become the effect of some suppressive apostate.
    Understanding what makes apostates tick is the key to this. Win!!!

  9. Could this blog be any more awesome? Apostates really suck.
    Ultimately, liars like Leah Remini will disappear while we prosper.
    Lying liars like her will never win. Just starved for attention is what it is.
    This church will expand and flourish and prosper for a thousand years.

  10. Checked out this post and all the replies. Gotta agree with you there.
    Unanimously, I must agree. David Miscavige is a coward who sucks.
    Lying liars like him always suck like the cowards they are. So true.
    Those people are still going to beat their staff like the cowards they be.

  11. David Miscavige’s father has left the Church – would you agree that he’s a coward who sucks?

    • Not to mention his niece. And the man hasn’t been seen in public with his wife in years. Interesting how such things seem to happen around Miscavige.

      I suppose that shouldn’t be too much of a surpise, since L Ron Hubbard couldn’t keep a family together either. And yet scientologists look to both men as examples for some reason. If I were looking for marital advise, it wouldn’t be from a man that cheated on his wife, and was accused of domestic violence.

      But, hey, that’s just me.

      • His niece. His father. His former executives. His brother. His twin sister. For some reason, those closest to him seem to leave scientology (and are often accused, by him, of unethical behavior). Some of them, like his twin sister, actually are criminals in the eyes of the law.

        Some would say that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

      • For those unaware of what dingledongle is referring to here, this is a quote from Hubbard’s ex-wife to his then-current wife during the divorce proceedings:

        “If I can help in any way I’d like to—You must get Alexis in your custody—Ron is not normal. I had hoped that you could straighten him out. Your charges sound fantastic to the average person—but I’ve been through it—the beatings, threats on my life, all the sadistic traits you charge—twelve years of it … ”

        In retaliation, Hubbard sent a letter to the FBI (it can be viewed online, it’s public record) accusing his ex-wife of being a communist. This was during the height of the red scare, when people were being jailed and blacklisted based on such accusations. But the FBI didn’t believe him. Draw your conclusions from that.

        She says the day the divorce was final (and the courts gave her custody of their daughter. Perhaps because he had literally kidnapped her and fled to Cuba before?) was the happiest day of her life. Hubbard later would claim that he never married her, which is odd because he divorced her. When his daughter tried to contact him later in life, he was equally distant and refused contact with her and later took her out of his will (the fact that she was in there at all is just one more piece of evidence that Hubbard lied).

        So we have two wives that accuse him of abuse and couldn’t wait to get away from him, and one that was sent to jail in the largest US government infiltration in history. And in the last case, he claimed to have no knowledge that his wife was up to anything, meaning he’s either lying or was very, very easily fooled.

        So this is the man that scientologists look to for marriage advice?

  12. More like POOanne, amirite?

  13. Concur with what you say. Apostates suck! They just bitch!
    Utter B.S. are their claims. Sour grapes is more like it, you know.
    Last person I would ever listen to is an ex. Too much bias for me.
    They obviously can’t get along with others. LOL! Bunch of losers.

    • Love the link.

  14. Ive been browsing this site but my questions remain unanswered so I’ll ask them here ifthats okay (sorry English is notmy first language lol)

    1. Why are celebrities treated so differently than other scientologists and why have so many of them left lately?

    2. I’ve heard that they believe they can leave their bodies. Is this what they do believe? If yes can they see what’s in a locked room or no?

    3. Why are there so people in the world that don’t like Scientology? When did that start? Is it getting more or less?

    4. Why is it so expensive? Could someone like me raising tow kids by myself and working all the time ever volunteer enough to get all the way to the top even thought I have little time?

    Thank you very much for reading my questions.

    • 1) How exactly has a celebrity been treated differently? If you know of more than one, list it and be specific, please.

      Who are “so many” left? How many left Christianity or Buddhism or Islam? etc etc.

      2) The term is called exteriorization. You’ll find the definition at http://www.scientologymyths.info/definitions/dianetics-and-scientology-definitions.html

      3) Who are “so many people” exactly? There are 8 billion people in the world, with over 10,000 Scientology Churches, Missions and groups in 167+ countries. So… how many is “so many” compared to let’s say people who don’t like Islam or Christianity, for example?

      4) What exactly is expensive to you? All the doctrine is free to read in the library and there are 18 free on-line courses covering every aspect of life at http://www.scientology.org/courses.html. Among these courses are ways to meet your goals, how to set targets and achieve them, raise children, have a successful marriage, do well at work, help those who are ill or injured, etc. etc. Knowledge to use in life. It costs money to train and deliver advanced services. Should someone else pay for those who complain about cost?

      • Regarding exteriorization: is this at all useful in the physical world? Not saying that it’s imaginary, but when I close my eyes I can see all sorts of wonderful things. I can fly around the universe and see magic creatures that don’t exist in what some would call the real world. To me, it sounds that my imagination has the exact same real-world effect as exteriorization does. The only difference is that I believe that what I’m seeing is purely imaginary, and a scientologist believes that what they’re seeing is real.

        I’m not saying it’s not, but what I said above is true.

        But is there any practical application to exteriorization? That is, could a scientologist leave their body and actually travel in the real world? Is that possible for a scientologist at any level?

      • “Who are “so many people” exactly? There are 8 billion people in the world, with over 10,000 Scientology Churches, Missions and groups in 167+ countries. So… how many is “so many” compared to let’s say people who don’t like Islam or Christianity, for example?”

        This question is misleading for several reasons. First, no one except you mentioned christianity or islam. You’re changing the subject. Besides, both of those groups are a lot larger than scientology, so comparing those leaving wouldn’t yield useful numbers.

        Also, no one is talking about people that ‘don’t like’ scientology. That’s not a word that the person you responded to used. We’re talking about literally THOUSANDS of former scientologists now speaking out against the organization. Not the belief system- the organization. To use your own example, if several million people (to scale the numbers because of the difference in popularity) stopped believing in catholicism, no one would think too much of it. If MILLIONS of people all left and spoke out publicly with the similar claims about misusing funds and the pope literally beating people, that would say something. At the very least it would warrant further study.

        You can, if you wanted, dismiss many of the claims. You can say, “oh, they were only in for a few years. The didn’t see the big picture.” Or you can say, “they were very low level. They just had a bad boss.” Okay, you can do that for some of them. But we’re talking about OTVIIIs now speaking out against DM and the church. We’re talking about celebrities that had luxuries that ‘normal’ members didn’t enjoy. Former spokespersons. Former executives. Family members. Family members of the scientology leader. Thousands of them, all telling the same stories. How can you ignore that?

        “What exactly is expensive to you?”

        $380,000 for the current levels. If you don’t want to ‘climb the bridge to total freedom,’ then you don’t have to spend that much money. I’m guessing Pat isn’t quite that high, or else she would know the cost.

        “All the doctrine is free to read in the library”

        ALL doctrine, Pat? Come on, you know that’s not true.

    • These do not sound like questions. They sound like allegations or accusations. Go into a local Church or Mission to ask if you are really interested.

      • I know this comment is a year old, so my reply is more directed towards Louanne.

        Not everyone has access to a local org or mision, since they’re definitely not as common as churches, mosques, synagoges, etc. So why can’t someone get the same answers from this site, which claims to provide responses FROM scientology? Why is there a push to get people to go into a building, when the same answers could be provided virtually?

  15. whole lot of conversations being deleted… it’s very telling that one of the few public pro-scientology blogs is so heavily censored.

    that’s okay, the many many anti-scientology blogs are a little more open.

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