Squirrels… again.

Just a note. I updated the ScientologyMyths.info site with some stuff on squirrels and their claims.

Here you go: http://www.scientologymyths.info/squirrels/behind-the-squirrels.php

Enjoy! (if that is the right word for this stuff ;))



  1. Why doesn’t the COS take responsibility for anything that happens eg. Lisa McPherson, abuses, disconnection etc.

    This whole web page is full of excuses.

    • Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt, it’s the Scientologists’ only defense against the overwhelming evidence of abuse their church is responsible for!

  2. 1 in 5 people you meet very likely don’t have your best interests at heart. Being around them can cause emotional rollercoaster, illness, accidents and more.

    Learn how to spot these people here: http://www.scientology.org/courses/suppression/overview.html

  3. Spot on, Louanne! :)

  4. You know that the Catholic church has a pretty similar attitude against “heretics” at one time. That’s why the reformation was such a major event- because that church leadership had gotten corrupt. They were greedy for money and power; management didn’t want things to change and tightened their control to make sure that it didn’t- including refusing to allow people to clal themselves catholic unless they met certain “standards”. But the people- the members wanted change. They wanted to worship their God and practice their religion without the perversion that the church has introduced. And now, the church has grown in numbers, because people are more free to worship as they want while still calling themselves catholic. Scienotlogy is at a similar point. Thousands upon thousands of members want change- and that’s why management is tightening its grip. Sites like this are just one of the tools they use.

    • “Thousands upon thousands of members want change”
      Where is proof of this?
      The reality is members arent “agreeing” with critics at all, and are more than happy with the ethical standards set by the church. And the idea that there is large number of them is just a plain lie.
      The truth works better believe me. Stop making a fool of yourself.

      • I agree. Trolling. Trolls like to make statements like that without anything to back them in the way of cites.

      • Ah, Aussie Luke- as usual, DAZZLING with your logic and reason. Tell me, have you ever made any effort to validate the church’s claims? No? You just accept that without questioning, don’t you? Yet, of course, you’re so bold and demanding when someone questions what you’ve been told. Would you like the list of thousands of former members that have spoken out? would you like the list of people that support debbie cook and her email demanding change from current leadership? or maybe membership rosters of the many ex-member forums with thousands upon thousands each? I suspect you wouldn’t believe the information presented to you… yet, i would bet that you accept the “millions” claimed by the church. So call me a liar if it’s easier for you to believe- i don’t think you have the guts to confront real facts. to be honest, you’re more the type to make random claims and refuse to back them up- or do you have proof that members aren’t agreeing with the critics?
        doesn’t it mean anything at all that so many former members are the ones that are going to the media, filing lawsuits, etc?
        you, while hiding behind a mask of anonymity, can call me a liar if you’d like- you ever bother to validate what you’re being told? didn’t think so.

      • @pat-
        I believe it’s been posted before here, but the information is easily available. If you had ever tried to validate the numbers you’re being told by scientology, rather than merely accepting what you’ve been told, you would have seen them by now. I though scientology was all about finding out for yourself?

      • I would ask, Luke- how can you possibly believe otherwise? How many scientologists post here, in what is arguably the largest pro-scientology website in existence? a few, at best. How many scientologists are winning Nobel prizes? or inventing life-saving medical technologies? or leading the fields of science, literature or technology? How many scientologists do you see online telling how scientology benefited them?
        compare that, now, to how many former members are criticising the church- again, on what do you base your belief that support is strong?

      • Stay on topic plz call4…
        The reality is this guy has been caught in a lie and you know it

      • Unless you can proove otherwise call4, I’m not replying…

      • On a final note call4…
        if you think i have time to answer your bs questions you are very mistaken!

      • Right, AussieLuke- Time is the reason that you can’t answer those questions :) riiiiight.
        I think the evidence speaks for itself. You can continue to deny it, and that’s okay- the rest of the world seems to see it.

  5. There seems to be a lot of people that scientologists ‘hate’. Okay, so people that practice scientology differently that you do- okay, got it. But also people that are current in the church that dare to use Hubbard’s own rules and writings to ask for change within management? Or the people that are leaving the church in droves and have spoken about their experiences? Or the tens of thousands of non-scientologists that criticize the way scientology does business?
    Why is scientology suing Debbie Cook over the things that THEY compelled her to say in court under oath?

    • That’s an excellent question, asking. Scientologists seem to be very angry, in general. And they really seem to bring out out anger in those around them, too. Somehow, wherever scientologists go, anger follows.
      Like you said, i get that they spend so much time and press dragging former members through the mud for daring to speak out- I don’t agree with it, but I know that they’re trying to make the case that all of the former members that are speaking out are coincidentally defrocked apostates. But the current members that are asking for reform?

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