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Megapublishing for God: Evangelical group barely rivals Scientologists with ‘printing press power’ as thousands of tons of paper are consumed for religious literature

April 4, 2011

Church of Scientology printing press

The Revival Movement Association announced that it has printed 91 million items of Gospel Literature during the year 2010. The 60-year-old ministry wrote,

During 2010 Revival Movement Association used a total of 1,358 Tonnes of paper in their printing factory which is based just outside Belfast, in Northern Ireland. This was an increase of about 350 Tonnes of paper used on any previous year due to the new factory which the organisation moved into during 2009. This new 32,000 Sq. Ft. Factory has been a tremendous blessing with the additional printing equipment which was purchased at the time of relocation.

On average 5 Tonnes of paper is used each working day by 3 large printing presses. The finishing equipment consists of folding machines, Guillotine, Collator and Saddle Stitchers. The two saddle stitchers can produce 120,000 Gospel booklets each day. Most of the literature is shipped to missions in 20ft Containers. On average each of these containers will hold 18 – 20 Tonnes of Gospel Literature. Smaller quantities are sent on pallets or by post.

The selection of material distributed by the group may rival to a degree that of Scientology, but its 32,000 square foot printing center doesn’t come close to the monstrous 185,000-square foot Church of Scientology International Dissemination and Distribution Center in Los Angeles, which pumps out booklets, posters, flyers, magazines and more. The church’s gigantic printing press is fed by a roll of paper that is 10 miles long and churns out 600,000 publications a day.


  1. bd, as always you are fast with critical comments. You can’t get any greener than using digital print and waste is reduced to a minimum with modern machines. Sure you could stop communicating completely but that’s a different issue.

    As for “Digital revolution”. Well, watch that video, this center produces poster, cups, t-shirts, education materials and special magazines as well as furniture. Not sure if I ever saw a digital revolution t-shirt on someone and I wouldn’t want to sit on a digital chair.

    – L

  2. wizdumb, I guess you neither read the article nor watched the video.

    – L

  3. How does bragging about how much propaganda you need to sell your product helping your cause? And no, this has nothing to do with myths.

  4. Whilst I admit I’m being coy with my last comment, a more poignant question is what myth does this address?

  5. That’s a lot of money, and a huge environmental impact. Are they planning on joining the digital revolution?

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