Happy Holidays!

I hope you had a nice Christmas Day, whatever religion or belief you call your own! For most Scientologists the Holiday Season is the time to get together with their loved ones, be it family or friends, and have a good time! And I must confess that I love to give presents, all of it: the hunt for “just the right thing” in online and IRL shops, the wrapping of the present, design of the card and finally – the best of it all – the smile of the face of the one that gets it!

Have a good time!

– L



  1. So many posts by you, Pat- this is quite a treat!
    What is the reason, that every one else here is anonymous? I’m not sure I understand.
    I only ask because of the irony, that Louanne and you hide behind anonynimity as readily as the “anons” do.
    Yes, I do also believe that answers to questions are important. In fact… I believe that’s right in the title of this blog.
    But, I’ve stopped asking you about the questions that you haven’t answered, even those that you claimed you would. That’s why I direct most of my questions to Louanne. Oddly, you’ve started answering questions for louanne, while still ignoring the ones to you :)
    I just tease, thank you for taking the time to discuss.

  2. Comment by BigDaddy on January 9, 2011 3:35 pm

    “May I ask why you prefer to remain anonymous?”

    Probably the same reason of everyone else here. How can you if non-anonymity is so important to you, versus the answers to questions?


  3. I’m sure you can see, louanne, that as long as you’re anonymous, such rumors will persist. If it’s not too personal, few other online scientologists seem to hide their identity like the ones on this site. Terry Owens and Laurie Hamilton come to mind.
    May I ask why you prefer to remain anonymous?

  4. Anon,

    you are pathetic. I won’t relay this.

    – L

  5. Happy new year Gloria Idda.

  6. Happy new year everybody!! Wishing you all joy and success in 2011.

  7. My apologies, I meant “Christobal”

  8. Hello, Christobel!
    You can find a biography On the man, written by a very close friend of his, on the idenetics website:
    He did work very closely with Hubbard, helping to develop the early tech and other research. However, he left the church when he felt that the structure became too rigid, later to found idenics. He’s considered by some to be the first “freezone” scientologist, due to his practice of doing auditing outside of the church, a practice of which Hubbard was aware.
    I hope that answers your question!!

  9. You run an incredible website that has answered many of my questions. And i hope in 2011 you will continue to flourish and prosper!!!!

    I recently been hearing of this man named John Galusha who may have been instrumental to LRH’s earlier research after the release of Book one. Do you have any data on the guy?

    ARC to you and yours this holiday season.

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