Another member of the hate group Anonymous, Jacob Speregen,  was sentenced today in New York City Criminal Court in connection with a January 8, 2009, attack on the Church of Scientology of New York. (People vs. Almahadin, Mahoud; Criminal Docket 2009NY007516).

In 2009, Speregen accompanied another member of Anonymous, Mahmoud Almahadin, who  smeared himself with Vaseline and assorted detritus, ran into the New York Church just off Times Square and desecrated the Church, including causing damage to Scriptural materials. Speregen videoed the attack as a co-conspirator with Almahadin and other Anonymous members.  Speregen’s sentence forbids him from going near the Church of Scientology for five years. He was also sentenced to pay the damages caused by his acts and to perform substantial community service as further restitution for the crime.

Church of Scientology attorney Kendrick Moxon said, “This decision by the Court sends a strong message to Anonymous—and any hate group—that their actions will not be tolerated and that the right to practice one’s religion will be protected..”

“Anonymous” is a loosely connected hate group targeting Scientologists, Jews and other minority racial and ethnic groups and organizations. Mahmoud Almahadin was sentenced earlier this year.

The conviction follows the sentencing of two men on separate felony convictions for their part in a cyber attack against Church of Scientology websites in January 2008, also carried out by Anonymous members.  (Read on here)



  1. Louanne, did you have any thoughts on this topic?

  2. Speaking of convictions, any reaction or thoughts on the Rex fowler 1st degree murder conviction?

  3. And to you, too, pat!

  4. Hi Louanne,

    Happy Holidays! Flourish and prosper!

  5. Happy Holidays!

    – L

  6. Merry Christmas, all! Hope to talk to you folks again someday :)

  7. This is just for fun. Don’t bother reading anything into it.
    Fractured Fairy Tales – Ridinghoods Anonymous

  8. Pat – that was actually funny. Thanks for the laugh.

  9. Lol!

  10. This is funny. Had to share!


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  12. Your point regarding “anonymous ‘targeting’ other religions is most notable, as it’s one that this site often ignores. “anonymous”, the subculture, meme and preference is not an organized group with any established goals. Louanne talks about the boards so much that I checked them out, and it took about three seconds to see that they really don’t care about Scientology, and don’t talk of it, or any other subject for moar than a few minutes. But, they DO have a religion thread, in which some mock religions, some question it, and some defend it.

    Is that what you mean, louanne?

    Or are you referring to “project chanology”, which is open to all, made up of more than just “anons” and denounced by anonymous as being too serious and organized?

  13. …to be honest, I’m horribly disgust with how biased this article is…I’m only goingto point out that it doesn’t skip a beat when it comes to using subtle descriptions to make this ‘Anonymous’ group terrible…let me point a few out:

    “…desecrated the Church…” – Rather than explaining he made a mess, since it’s merely an oily goo-like substance, they use, if you’re asking me, the harshest term in the English language for ‘making a mess’.

    “…hate group targeting Scientologists, Jews and other minority racial and ethnic groups and organizations.” – Again, rather than saying that ‘Anonymous’ is some group that’s opposed to the Chruch of Scientology [seeing how they’re not taking anything out on individual Scientologist, just the organization], they are inclined to use ‘hate’…not ONLY this, but they feel inclined to add in the generic groups of persons that pro-white groups show contempt for; adding further negative associations [all of this based off of not finding ANY stories about ‘Anonymous’ taregeting any other group]…

    …there are more than I can point out, but time is money, and I feel I’ve made my point…

    – King

  14. Oh, and related to the op, speregen is Jewish. How you say that he’s part of a group that is against Jews is mind-boggling.

  15. Those lists tend to get ignored in this environment, lawfag. The focus is on demonizing critics who commit mischief and misdemeanors, not accurately portraying all sides. If that were the case, there would be some open discussion comparing the small number of “anon” misdemeanors to the much larger number of scientologists convicted of crimes ranging from misdemeanors to felonies.
    This post is a perfect example- an all caps announcement of a conviction for a crimethat is -literally- in the same category as most of Tom green’s tv pranks, but there was no mention of the scientologist who shot his business partner on his son’s birthday.

  16. I was just wondering, to those that track these issues- does it bother you when people collect and create lists of all the scientologists that are convicted of crimes? I mean, you keep very careful track of people that are your perceived “enemies”- how do you feel about all the scientologists that are sentenced for crimes?

  17. Oh, disregard, I found it. Looks like he had plead guilty to “Attempted Criminal Mischief, 4th degree”, and sentenced to “Conditional Discharge” of one year, and had to pay $330 in restitution.
    While he himself did no damage, he didn’t stop one that did, and is now facing the (relatively minor) legal repercussions. I’m sure you would hold scientologists to the same standard, as I do to this young man.

  18. Thank you for the update- I couldn’t find anything about it in any major news outlet, so it’s good to find the information here. What was the crime that he was sentenced with?

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