Holy Moly! Who would have thought that…

KCAL would be broadcasting out of a Church of Scientology once.

Nice place! Been there last weekend. Geor. ge. ous!



  1. I’m just giggling here because the place is empty. Even the parking spots right in front of the building are empty. So much for “Ideal Orgs” eh. LMFAO

  2. Thank you, I appreciate the kind words

  3. Quite creative, that response.

    – L

  4. I’m actually a little bit surprised you left comments open on this one- it leaves much open for discussion.

    I dig the “spaceship” sidestep- not an answer, but at least Tommy didn’t walk out on the interview :)

    I was also a little bit suprised at how empty the building was. Even the reporter remarked that it’s quiet there (in all but the scientology-submitted videos, as identified by the credit on the top). BUt in the KTLA videos, you can never see more than a few folks in the background. Is it always that quiet there?

    Lastly, I noticed that he touched on the e-meter, and repeated the claim that “thoughts have mass”. However, I’m seeing more and more scientologists abandoning that notion as they become more familiar with scientific concepts. This, of course, is not inclusive of the mass of neurons, which are always present (while one is alive, at least), which have both mass and velocity, but are independent of the “nature” of the thought as they mrerely transmit the electrical charge and do not change in mass when doing so.

    Do you believe that specific thoughts have mass? Or is that one of those things that Mr. Hubbard once said that are no longer considered to be accurate, such as “Not smoking enough will cause lung cancer” or views on race?

    Glad to see you back and posting!

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