Member of Hate Group Anonymous Pleads Guilty to Attack on New York Church of Scientology

Hate group Anonymous member, Mahoud Samed Almahadin, pled guilty to Criminal Mischief on 22 February 2010 in the New York City Criminal Court in connection with a January 8, 2009 attack on the Church of Scientology of New York.

One more added to the loser gallery. Can’t wait to see the next one. At some point one of these jerks ought to wake up and realize how they got duped. That or eternal brain damage.

Press release (PR Web):

NEW YORK, Feb. 23 /PRNewswire/ — A member of the hate group Anonymous, Mahoud Samed Almahadin, aka Matt Connor, pled guilty to Criminal Mischief today in the New York City Criminal Court in connection with a January 8, 2009, attack on the Church of Scientology of New York. (People vs. Almahadin, Mahoud; Criminal Docket 2009NY00410)

Almahadin smeared himself with a mixture of petroleum jelly, nail clippings and pubic hairs donated by other members of the Anonymous hate group, ran into the New York Church just off Times Square and desecrated the Church, including causing damage to Scriptural materials. As part of his guilty plea, he is required to stay away from the Church of Scientology for the next five years. His sentencing will take place in April.

Church of Scientology attorney Kendrick Moxon said of the result, “The action against Almahadin is a victory for everyone’s right to peaceably practice their religion. It is a warning to others who find pleasure in desecrating houses of worship and committing hate crimes. It is also the latest blow against the hate group Anonymous.”

Another member of Anonymous, Jacob Speregen, also charged in the same incident, will stand trial in April.

The conviction follows the November 18, 2009, sentencing of a New Jersey man to one year and one day in federal prison on a felony conviction for his part in a cyber attack against Church of Scientology websites in January 2008. (Case No. CR 09-87-01)

The attack was carried out with others calling themselves “Anonymous,” a hate group targeting Scientology and others individuals and organizations, including the website of the Prime Minister of Australia.

Dmitriy Guzner, 19, of Verona, New Jersey, who in May 2009 pled guilty to one count of computer hacking, was sentenced for his role in the distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack against Scientology websites. A DDOS attack occurs when a large amount of malicious Internet traffic is directed at websites, overloading their capacity and making them unavailable to legitimate users.

Church websites were made unavailable to valid users for 24 hours, with the attacks continuing for 12 days, requiring the Church to hire a computer security company to protect against the attacks and to reroute traffic. Due to the severity of the crime, Judge Joseph Greenaway in U.S. District Court in Newark sentenced Guzner to the 366-day prison term, plus two years probation following his prison term, and ordered Guzner to pay $37,500 restitution to the Church.

On October 31, another Anonymous follower, Brian Thomas Mettenbrink, 20, was indicted by a Grand Jury in the US District Court for Central California for the same attack on Scientology websites, for conspiracy and “transmission of a code, information, program, or command to a protected computer.” The indictment states that he obtained a computer program from an Anonymous website and executed a DDOS attack from his dormitory at Iowa State University against the Church computers in Los Angeles. He is awaiting sentencing.

According to court documents, Anonymous is an underground hate group that, in addition to the cyber attack, targeted Churches of Scientology and members with death threats, bomb threats and fake anthrax mail. In addition to Scientology Churches and the Prime Minister of Australia, Anonymous has also targeted The Epilepsy Foundation, hip-hop music websites and others.

Scientology is a worldwide religious movement with more than 8,000 Churches, Missions and affiliated groups in 165 countries. The Church and its members dedicate their time and resources to numerous humanitarian programs that Scientology has become known for around the world, including combating drug abuse, immorality, illiteracy, and human rights violations.



  1. In a weird way, A-scientologist has a point.

    I am a critic, yet I don’t believe that crime is neccesarry to expose the group. Why do you continue to insist that those that do speak for me? Or are you just trying to demonize all critics?

    Is this a question you can answer?:

    Do you fault Martin Luther for when he damaged the church door?

  2. Hey, Louanne, how do we answer this one when it comes up?

    What about the critics that DON’T wear masks, and don’t profit from their horrible criticisms? Why do they do what they do?

  3. I am a scientologist. I subscribe to the teachings of Mr. L Ron Hubbard, and am an active member of the church, and participate in all related activities.

    As a scientologist, I state publically that we shall commit “fair game” activities, to include stalking, harassing and frivolous lawsuits.

    By louanne’s logic, that is now representitive of the whole group, as some scientologists are prone to committing crimes and other unethical acts- that must represent the whole group. Clearly, this young lady has her pulse on this internet generation, and is fluent in all of the sociological aspects of a primarily online culture. Enough so, that she feels comfortable implying that the whole group is full of criminals, while still refusing to acknowledge the role of those in our own midst.

    Thank you for keeping it clear for us, Louanne! It’s nice to know that we’re the upright and moral ones, with our little tiny murders, fraud convictions and the like, while those evil critical folks are somehow all held responsible for the so-called petty crimes of a few of them!

  4. Not at all hypothetical. It’s a very straightforward question that, I believe, will never be answered by you.

    Ron Paul is certainly running a legal campaign, as far as we all know. However, Scientology hasn’t had their way yet- it’s still perfectly legal to speak one’s mind and to peacefully assemble. Many critics of scientology choose to exercise their rights. Would you deny them that constitutional right?

    I’ll try to ask you a very simple question: What leadership ordered the minor crimes to be committed?

    Also: How do you know that “everyone” knows that members do not shy away from criminal acts? I know that the few that committed crimes don’t, and they are now facing legal punishment. Do you know whether or not I, myself, commit crimes? Am I a criminal?

    LIke I said, if you insist that all critics, even those that wear masks, are the same, than you must take responsibility for the murderers, kidnappers and fraudsters that have been charged within scientology. Which is it?

  5. ” Comment by Bigdaddy on May 3, 2010 10:20 pm
    Do you would say that the actions of one do not represent the views of all?
    What if there were two there? Three? Ten? Would all anons be Ron Paul supporters then?”

    This is all too hypothetical. Ron Paul was running a completely legal election campaign. It is not part of his agenda to commit criminal acts.

    Anonymous planned, created and is executing a campaign against Scientologists personally and the Church of Scientology organizationally and everyone participating in this campaign knows well a) that members of this group do not shy away from committing criminal acts to achieve their destructive purposes and b) has agreed to their Codes. That some of them are outright dupes and immoral beyond belief is no excuse.

    If one does not want to support those actions the individual would be free not to participate in that specific campaign. But those who choose to be cowards, hide behind masks and symbols, are part of a group whose members commit criminal acts to achieve their purposes. It’s part of their written and published agenda and visible in their actions.

    – L

  6. Correction: “do” should be “so”

  7. Do you would say that the actions of one do not represent the views of all?
    What if there were two there? Three? Ten? Would all anons be Ron Paul supporters then?

  8. question, Louanne:

    based on this picture:

    do you believe that “anonymous” is officially a supporter of Ron Paul?

    • No, one pic with one person is not enough.

  9. Oh hai “Dimitris Snoodle” lol

  10. Thank you for your comment! No problem about the English- mine was very poor when I started here. However, I don’t believe you’ll be mocked for it as I was!

    How exactly is “anonymous” trying to take away anyones right to be a scientologist?
    I think that may be the issue here: everyone has the right to BELIEVE whatever they want, but not to DO whatever they want. For example, there are those the (foolishly, in my opinion) believe that one skin color is superior to another. That’s perfectly legal. It is not legal, however, to harm others based on this belief.
    Does that make sense?

  11. Everybody has the right to believe whatever they wants. I personally can’t imagine how people like “anonymous” try to steal this right from other people and you support them. Scientology doesn’t force anynone to join this religion. We live in the 21st century but if still are groups like “anonymous” out there I believe we are still in the 17th century. I am not a Scientologist, I don’t belong to the “anonymous” but as long as I have to right to talk I will. Sorry for my bad english.

  12. I was really excited as I was scrolling down, hoping to hear some sort of answer to why scientology critics, why the worst they seem to do is petty crime, such as mischief, trespassing, etc. In other words, crimes that are not violent or largely destructive. But scientologists, we see crimes coming from them to include alleged murder, manslaughter, kidnapping, fraud, etc. How many scientologists have committed suicide, related to the frauds that they’ve encountered?
    How is it that the “most ethical group ont he planet) the ones that are killing people? While the ones that scientologists hate, aren’t? Or the freezoners, another of the many groups that scientologists hate, they’re not being arrested for such crimes, are they?

  13. “Reality is agreement”

    The majority of all people agrees that Co$ is a cult and that Anonymous is not a hate group.
    This makes it a reality according to LRH.

  14. Louanne, only Co$-Scientologists think that Anonymous is a hate group and that this prank was a hate crime.

  15. Louanne, here’s a very direct question, let’s see if you’re able to answer.

    Imagine a group that wears disguises in order to protest and oppose another. In doing so, they commit vandalism and other crimes, and go to great lengths to document their alleged crimes in order to feed the information to the public at large.

    How do you feel about said group?

  16. Sure, some do. Some don’t.
    Because there’s no membership nor bylaws, you must stretch to malign a group for an individual action.
    But, bless your heart, you try.
    So no comment on the difference between critic mischief and scn felonies?

  17. >“smeared himself with a mixture of petroleum jelly, nail clippings and pubic hairs donated >by other members of the Anonymous hate group”

    >Where did you find the part about the pubic hairs being donated?

    “donated” , lol
    well, they said so themselves in the video ;-)

  18. Several things wrong with that little propaganda piece:
    1. Anonymous isn’t a hate group
    2. He didn’t cause any damage to “scriptural materials”
    3. It wasn’t a “hate crime”
    4. It is not a victory for everyone’s right to “peacably practice their religion”, because the prank did not prevent anyone in any way from doing this.

    It was a silly, slightly funny prank. Nothing more.

    • Anon, thanks for proving the point. You made it clear once again that Anonymous is a hate group that commits hate crimes. It’s so normal for you that you don’t even see it.

      – L

  19. louanne,

    could you please provide a reference in which we can see an example of an anti-scion actually intentionally and successfully driving a scion to suicide?

    with the points that truth brought up, and with the many, many scientologists committing suicide in such a way that the only connection is scientology itself, I believe you may be mixed up.

  20. Related subject,
    Louanne, request source for your comment, here:

    “smeared himself with a mixture of petroleum jelly, nail clippings and pubic hairs donated by other members of the Anonymous hate group”

    Where did you find the part about the pubic hairs being donated?

  21. Now that you made an ass of yourself, saying Anonymous makes others commit suicide I’d like to go back to the fact you have used a generality.
    “………….because of their personal incapacity to lead a honest and happy life.”
    That is an anti-social personality trait.
    I assume you know every single Anonymous member out there then? Or you’ve just been told what to think about these people.
    You own ethical standards are showing….

  22. OH OH OH….let’s not forget about Kyle Brennan.

    You only have two feet….

  23. Did you say drive people to suicide….not unlike KAJA BALLO??

    Kind of put your foot in it didn’t you.

  24. allow me to expand. you talk about “their” purpose, and the things that “they” do. you are quite directly maligning all critics of scientolgy for the legally minor offenses for a few.

    however, you absolve scientology of responsibility or guilt when members embezzle, commit fraud or even murder.

    is this a double standard?

  25. who is “they”? me?

    but you do agree that between anons and scions, that it’s only the scions that have committed murder?

  26. Their purpose is to drive people into grief and they openly state that they don’t mind pushing others into suicide. Technically that is not murder, no.

    – L

  27. simple question: do they commit murder? or just “mischief”?

  28. “but you try to associate all critics with a computer crime committed by an individual.”

    Anonymous is organized terrorism against minorities, illegal and based on carefully selected half-truths and lies so big that they seem believable to those dupes. But you are right, there is not much difference between the numb drug case that steals for some money to satisfy the addiction and the numbness of Anonymous members who frantically crave for sensation and lose their last bit of decency trying to get it. The only difference is the label they put on their acts: Like any cult, they commit their crimes “in the name of …” and not – which would be more truthful – because of their personal incapacity to lead a honest and happy life.

    – L

  29. Wow, you didn’t even read the first line of the post…..

    “Hate group Anonymous member, Mahoud Samed Almahadin, pled guilty to Criminal Mischief on 22 February 2010 in the New York City Criminal Court”

    For orientation: Today is the 23rd of February 2010.

    The other people you are referring to are those four or five other Anonymous’ that have plead guilty in the past couple of months and are in jail now or on their way to.

    – L

  30. didn’t this happen some time ago? now, instead of dealing with “myths”, you’re just regurgitating news articles in an attempt to malign an entire movement. what you’re doing is called “deflecting”, where you’re hoping that we wil ignore the high crimes of scientology in favor of the misdemeaonors of critics.

    for instance, you insulate scientology from the brutal murder committed by otviii rex fowler, but you try to associate all critics with a computer crime committed by an individual.


  31. Pretty fast, sicko.

    – L

  32. OMG how terrible. I hope no one was sexually assaulted!!

    This man should be killed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How dare he!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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