I started updating the information on, e.g. mentioning the restoration and release of the remaining lectures of L. Ron Hubbard, some fixes on the home page, adding new (official) statistics etc. I am sure you can think of more.

Any suggestions?

– Louanne

Update 17 February 2010: Thanks for the suggestions. I a moving this thread here.


  1. TO: OT VIIs and OT VIIIs (LA area)

    FROM: Flag MAA @ LA (Project)

    Dear All,

    I am quite shocked as to how few OT VIIs and OT VIIIs came to
    the Mandatory meeting a couple of weeks ago. I am also shocked as
    to how few who were absent actually have come into the FSC WUS
    office to fill out the interrog. There are roughly 800 OT VIIs and
    OT VIIIs in the LA area and I have only seen a fraction.

    This must change at once.

    For those who showed up to the last meeting and to those who
    have since come into the FSC WUS Office, that is better than the
    rest. HCO PL KNOWELDGE REPORTS applies, and you must handle your
    fellow OT VIIs and VIIIs.

    The Public Officer FSO and I have quite a bit to go over and
    exciting things are on the horizon. Every OT VII and VIII is to be
    at the meeting tomorrow night at 7pm at the ASHO Chapel. This is
    not an option.

    The future of our religion depends on it, as well as the future
    release of OT IX and X. You are at the top of the Bridge and are
    expected to make this happen. Those who are carrying their weight
    will be noted.

    Austin Voss
    Flag MAA @ LA (Project)

    Why aren’t OTVIII’s responding??

  2. Concur with BigDaddy, why not allow counterpoints on your site? I mean, as long as they meet certain standards and present a well-formulated argument, I could certainly see a benefit to doing so. I realize that it may make your job more difficult, but it would certainly be a benefit to determining actual truths.

  3. Oh, but that’s not including the 70 doctors that were left behind, as confirmed by the scientology “reverend’ Carmichael (yes, the one who said, on camera “I smell pu**y).

    Said the news outlet NY1, “One nurse NY1 spoke to says he’s been able to hitch a flight down to Haiti with another relief organization. The others say they’re praying they can do the same”

    Note that the 70 doctors and other medical professionals watched the plane for an hour before takeoff, not allowed to board.

    “They need to help us get these pain medications and equipment and antibiotics to the people who are dying, literally,” said volunteer Doreen Evans.

    The new concern? The Yellow Jackets out there touching all of the sick people may be spreading disease, According to interviewed scientists from the New York Daily News, who also say “Every person that lands in Haiti to provide “aid” also brings a mouth to feed and a cloaca to empty, so every body who goes better have a lot of value to deliver. That’s why the arrival of Scientology ministers in Port-au-Prince is doubly abominable.”

    It’s great that they WANT to help, but there’s better, although adimittedly less PR friendly, ways to do it.

    Case in point- when the yellow jackets showed up to the hospital, the US Troops guarding it kept them out (New York Daily News). That says a lot about their image over there.

  4. Quote:

    “Among them: The Greater Miami Jewish Federation has raised $300,000 for relief efforts, and the Archdiocese of Miami has set aside $100,000 and is tallying donations from Catholic Charities and individual churches. American Muslims for Emergency & Relief in North Miami Beach has filled three 45-foot containers with canned food and supplies to ship to Haiti, and the Miami Baptist Association has raised $30,000.”

    That’s helpful.

    And, if you haven’t read it by now, the doctors were picked up in Miami. It was only a coincidence that they accompanied the scientologists.

  5. Yeah, that’s the terrible part. The Catholics are in Haiti, as are the Christians and the Jews, the list goes on. The Scientologists are the only ones sending unqualified personnel (meaning the yellow jackets, most of which have no medical training and still require food and board) and bragging to the press about even that. The more legitimate religious groups are far too busy raising money and far too humble to seek out press for it.

    Think Scientology would be there if the press wasn’t?

    Well, here’s a clue- where were they when the Iranians needed help? They ignored them. It was the “Anons” that were there actually helping.

    I’m sorry, I think that any help is great, but I was there at 9/11, and the yellow jackets don’t need to be there. If scientology really wanted to help, they could donate some of the embezzeled money that was given to them and actually help the country rebuild.

    But, I’m sure the back massages are nice.

    Louanne, you can dismiss all of us, and think that we’re just against all that is good in the world, or that we don’t understand, or wahtever else you think of all of us. But surely you must consider that, just maybe, scientology isn’t perfect. Is that possible?

  6. I saw that, too!! My dear wife sent my sat card, so I was able to see some great points be brought up… and quickly deleted. Oh, well, she never claimed to be impartial.

  7. it’s odd, the comments she will delete. very unpredictible. she deleted ALL comments on the story of the kid tha was prosecuted by scientology, but she just ignores others.

    I guess we know which ones hit home. I wouldn’t want to consider those points either.

  8. just wait, she’ll close this thread too, like she just did the other thread. like I always say, can’t stand open debate. but she’s much more creative with her vulgar comments.


    oh, well. it looks like they’re sending over photographers and yellow jackets, very curious to see what good those guys are doing, and who’s feeding them.


    Why did an OTVII Rex Fowler kill his own partner if he’s spiritually free?

  10. It would be interesting to consider how many of the original or current “friendly faces” used in orientation or advertising are no longer affiliated with the group. I’m aware of several, and I really wonder how widespread it is.

  11. What do you think the impact will be since the guy who stars in the film Orientation (a 33 year member, Larry Anderson) left Scientology because he concluded much of Scientology didn’t actually work and because of what he described as “corruption” in the upper management of the Church? Particularly that parisioners were asked to buy, yet again, the LRH books in The Basics package — books which supposedly had been “corrected” more than once previously. See: Do you think they should put a disclaimer on the film that says the guy telling you this stuff about Scientology no longer believes it? Or should they just stop showing the film?

  12. actually, it’s a good idea for her to not allow comments, especially on her newest posts. I happen to know some military folks that are over there now, and the vulture ministers are not helping! quite the opposite, I hear.

  13. Truth,

    they’re talking about the other website, referenced in the title.

    Here, you’re right, she deletes comments rather quickly when they are damaging to her point. On the other site, however, she doesn’t even allow comments or rebuttal.

    So, here, she deletes comments or closes threads, at the other site, she posts material that is very easily rebutted or even proven to be false, but doesn’t allow that to happen. That says a lot, doesn’t it?

  14. would you consider doing what the critical site, operation clambake, does and allow counterpoints on your site? It would be a great way to facilitate communication.

  15. I would respectfully suggest that you begin siting reputable sources for your pieces, in general. Most of your pieces are not backed up by fact in any way, which lessens the credibility of the site.

  16. Yes, i have some suggestions.

    First in the entry about “Anonymous” you only quote an entry about “hatecrimes” from the wikipedia and then write something that is not from independent sources, but from the church itself.

    Why don’t you link to the wikipedia entry about “Anonymous/group)” and quote the passage of “Project Chanology” instead?
    That’s certainly more accurate and unbiased than what you wrote.

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