The new Church of Scientology Pasadena is underway now

One of about 30 Churches said to open this year (yes, I read offline papers too, sometimes):

Online version here: Renovation has finally started on the historic Braley Building in the heart of Old Pasadena, where it sat empty since being bought by the Church of Scientology in 2006. (PSN Website)



  1. spelling correction: word was quake.
    perhaps this similar question would be more acceptable:
    what is the value of sending the yellow jackets along?

    • It’s covered at, in detail. I realize that you might think help is not possible. But it is. Happening. Daily, 24/7, in Haiti, right this moment. And in 12 more less visible disaster zones in other places in the world. I don’t really care if you are too scared to look. But I do care that you f*ckhead have nothing better to do than to spread lies about well-meaning people who actually make a difference.

      – L

  2. Not deleted, but in the spam folder where they belong. You think you can spew your venom just because I am not able to check every day? Nope.

  3. wow… so many comments deleted… must be nice to be able to censor opposition without recourse.

  4. They already know, brah, believe me, they already know.

    We all remain professional, but once you see someone trying to sell products to a crisis survivor, it changes you. I mean, these guys didn’t have money BEFORE the crisis, much less now. That’s why they’re using this more for PR than anything else.

  5. Well, given your position, I’mIn, it sounds like you would be very well advised to give certain accurate and truthful facts to the potential scientology customers, as well as your fellow relief workers. I’m sure that I can’t post links here, but the information is easily accessable online. Ask Google, and get ready to print :)

  6. I’m completely on board with this. I’m writing right now FROM Haiti, on a bridge through our sat conn, and I can tell you that the general feeling among Haitians and ACTUAL relief workers is that we all would have been better off if they made some donations and let the real professionals do their jobs. We don’t need a bunch of folks in yellow shirts eating up the relief worker’s chow, we need funding and raw donations. Save the backrubs and psuedo-science for after they rebuild.
    Most of us would keep this to ourselveves in polite company, but the only one that wants the “yellow jackets” (I like that) in Haiti are the scientologists.
    So I hear you, your_personal_army, and completely agree.

  7. I agree with BigDaddy, and the others on this board. The question remains, what can be done about it?

    I have never once heard someone say that they went into scientology with all of the information. It seems that those that HAVE the information avoid the group, and don’t get drawn in. It’s those that do believe that they need to go into the local org to get their test results, or those that get drawn in by a friend or family member- that’s a common story.

    So clearly, it’s a matter of awareness and education.

    Talk to a Haitian- any random one- ask them if they want scientology in their country. The answer is always the same, that they’ll take what help they can get, but they hate the press that the yellow-jackets are giving themselves. That seems to be all it is- out of the hundreds of religious groups that are helping, how many of them are spending more time issuing press releases than actually helping?

    But that’s just slimy, not really illegal. And slimy is often legal, that’s the way it is. It’s the other stuff that’s the problem, and we all know what that is. The question is, what will you do about it? Ann, I’m sure your prayers are well received and meaningful, but coupled with action- that’s when great things happen. BD- you seem to be backing up your words with action, and I challenge others to do the same. The question is, what will you do, and who will you sacrifice?

  8. that is very wll and good, but it will also take the dedication of men and women to be effective. for when people have all the information, and are not able to be manipulated, they generally do not partake.

    that’s why you can take their test online, but must go to them for the results. they could give the results in another format, but refuse to do so.

  9. Let’s not forget that many of the workers are volunteers and all the woodwork and more is shipped in.
    Much of the stuff for the Ideal orgs is being made at Flag (clearwater) and shipped to the idea orgs.

    But regardless, it will end up empty as does 99% of all Scientology orgs. The 1% is CC INT. That’s all you got….lol.

  10. “they’ll bring hundreds of people into the area every day”

    Have you not seen Ideal Org after Ideal Org sit empty? Do you not believe your own eyes?

    Sure, they’ll bus in staff for the grand opening, get a nice picture of a crowd they can publish (they may also photoshop in more ‘crowd’ – they’ve done it before) and then they will go away.

    Enjoy your empty building.

  11. out of curiousity, are we still pretending that you are in any way fair and/or impartial?

    you close threads when you start to lose your ground, making sure you have the last word and cutting off any counterpoint. and the silencing varies- it’s not about length, but at which point you cannot address the argument.

    I think the only reason you no longer delete such threads is because of the sheer number of times you have been caught doing so, and the fact that multiple people back it up on a regular basis.

    have you taken any of the comms courses?

  12. pessimist? I beg to differ, i’m more concerned with the obvious lack of compassion for those evicted.

    do you think that’s okay?

  13. bd, you are such a pessimist. The Church is spending millions on the renovation, all done by local construction corporations. Considering their size in Pasadena, they’ll bring hundreds of people in the area every day. Don’t worry, it’ll be fine.

    – Louanne

  14. surely, we would all agree that it’s fine for them to open orgs, if they desire to do so. however, i’m sure that we wold all agree that evicting small business owners is not the best solution.
    can we agree on that?

  15. Well, I’m no tax type gal, but It does seem to me that removing 22 tax paying businesses (including, according to the article, an art gallery and a popular resturaunt) may negatively impact the community, if an organization that pays no taxes moves in.

  16. Yeah… but did you read the caption on that paper? Zoom in. you’ll see it.
    It says, “Four years after buysing the building and buying out or EVICTING all 22 small business tenants…” (emphasis mine)

    So they buy the building, evict multiple small business owners, and then let it sit empty for four years?

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