Complete: L. Ron Hubbard’s lectures and writings

WWLTV has a real interesting news story:

CLEARWATER, Fla. (AP) — The Church of Scientology has unveiled more than 1,000 unreleased recordings of lectures by L. Ron Hubbard and reams of corresponding writings.

They’ve been released in the culmination of a 25-year project to locate, restore and transcribe lost pieces of the Scientology founder’s work. Though sure to be derided by the church’s many critics, its followers say the materials are an opportunity to deepen understanding of their religion.

The new materials include Hubbard’s lectures and writings from courses and other sessions with Scientology ministers from 1953 to 1961.

They include discussions of how Hubbard arrived at the principles of Dianetics and his research on everything from decision-making to personal responsibility.

As noted earlier the release of the last unpublished materials is a major step for the Church of Scientology. Finally the full library of material is available for everyone. That took some doing, including the construction of two huge publishing houses, one in Los Angeles, the other one in Denmark, just outside Copenhagen, both with dozens of digital printers and CD production facilities.

– Louanne



  1. Jody Myers, professor of religious studies at California State University, Northridge, raises an interesting point, when she says:

    “It is not an unknown phenomenon in religions to find early documents written by the church’s founders,” said Myers. “The issue is: Are they authentic early documents or have they been created by people who want a change in the direction of the church? This is true of all religions.

    “As a religious scholar, what I can say is that sometimes people want their church to go in a different direction and what follows is the discovery of ancient texts.”

    • Funny one, couchjumper. Myers (related to Donald Myers?) has no clue what she is talking about when it comes to Scientology. But here you got a unique chance to find out what she missed. Here is a description of these restored lectures:

      From the intro:
      “The Advanced Clinical Course lectures are the day-by-day record of research and development. They show the application of the breakthroughs of Dianetics and Scientology. The ACCs are best studied as a complete series, however, they form an indispensable body of reference material and, in this wise, can be studied individually to learn the whys and wherefores of every technical subject or process – data never before available and found nowhere else.”

      – Louanne

  2. So you are saying, PS, that the originals are now available and merely “cleaned up”? As in, no edits, merely cleaned?
    And no written material, either, “new” items as suggested by Louanne?

  3. Is it possible to get a copy of the new lectures for free over the internet?

  4. Let me clear some misconceptions up… there were no “interpretations” done with the materials found. These were actual live recordings of L. Ron Hubbard speaking at seminars. It’s him speaking – there is no ” translated into more modern attitudes” as Doubtful suggested. Some of the materials where thought to have been lost and were found in storage, cleaned up and now released.

  5. Well, that’s really the big question. Who “found” the lost material? who interpreted it?
    I would be very curious to see the differences between the Hubbard-era mateial and the DM-era material

  6. “Found”?

    Or whitewashed.

    I’d wager that the “transcribing” is about as “neutral” and “ubiased” as this website.

    Then again, Dianetics is still in print. If its been cleaned up, I shudder at the thought of what it was like before… “The Owner’s Manual To The Human Mind”. Except that it wouldn’t serve this websites goal of promoting Scientology, it would be fun to see it examined in the light of day. There’s no need to go after “secret” HCO Policies or OT II/III/IV “Super Powers” if they exist. Just try to defend Dianetics.

    How any sane person can read that and still think that L. Ron Hubbard might have something useful to say is beyond me. (I do not own a copy but I have read it more than once.)

    Back to the “found” materials… At the very least, I suspect any 1930s to 1970s attitudes towards homosexuality, mysogeny, etc. have been carefully “translated” into more modern attitudes that more accurately reflect what L. Ron Hubbard actually believed as oppsed to what he had to say to be understood by the people of his time…

  7. …”found”?
    how is it known that they are legitimate, other than what you’re told?

  8. Are these really brand new, never heard before materials or just new editions of old materials?

    • Both. The release includes recordings of lectures that only existed as notes, historical records or somebodies memories but not as word-by-word accounts. Those lectures were found, restored and are now available together with others that have been available before (partially is horrible sound quality).

      – L

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