Scientologist to S. Baptists: ‘We’re a religion. We proselytize’

No-brainer article on USA Today – but fun. And yeah, Scientology does accept new members!

This must be in-your-face month on the faith front. First, Brit Hume takes on Tiger Woods’ soul. Now, folks at the top of the Southern Baptist Convention are riled up over a direct frontal recruitment campaign from Scientology in the SBC’s hometown.



  1. Pitts:
    You neglect to mention that Hubbard actually commissioned the test, it was not created and later adopted.

    • Time’s up. Closing comments.

  2. Please excuse my puncuation at 7:16 pm…
    the last sentence was my own question, not part of the quote.

  3. To that end, even Ray Kemp, in his online column, denounces the test, saying:

    “Since I became no longer connect to the Church, which I consider to be spritually bankrupt, I have seen such a mess of changes in what they now call the “Standard OCA Test” and another version that a front group were selling to industry under the name, I believe, Ullman, that I can tell you withou hesitation that I wouldn’t trust any current test from that source.

    A few monts ago I received a phone call from a London newspaper, asking me about the OCA, which the newspaper said was being used “all over London” as a gimmick to persuade people to buy courses and that there had been consumer complaints filed.

    I told the reporter, truthfully, that I had no idea what ‘they’ were doing these days, and I explained the history, purpose and use of the testing as laid down by Ron himself, (and I do not mean the later bulletins put out under or over his name by others.)

    The reporter asked me why I was not suing the Church for plagiarism or copyright infringement, and my reply was, and is, that the current test as put out by the Church organizations, under any name, is so far removed from the original that only the name is left.” “

  4. Where to start?
    Could you please explain what you mean by “a very accurate test”? As in, who makes that claim? I mean, the English connection is ironic, as Her Majesty’s Stationery Office, London, say of it, “Taking the procedure as a whole, one is forced to the conclusion that the Oxford Capacity Analysis is not a genuine personality test; certainly the results as presented bear no relation to any known methods of assessing personality or of scaling test scores”, and the Lund university criticised it for its “manifestly unethical” fashion.
    The Australian Psychological Society also denounced the OCA as “downright dangerous”.
    Even the British Psychological Society said “No reputable psychologist would accept the procedure of pulling people off the street with a leaflet, giving them a ‘personality test’ and reporting back in terms that show the people to be ‘inadequate,’ ‘unacceptable’ or in need of ‘urgent’ attention. In a clinical setting a therapist would only discuss a patient’s inadequacies with him with the greatest of circumspection and support, and even then only after sufficient contact for the therapist-patient relationship to have been built up. To report back a man’s inadequacies to him in an automatic, impersonal fashion is unthinkable in responsible professional practice. To do so is potentially harmful. It is especially likely to be harmful to the nervous introspective people who would be attracted by the leaflet in the first place. The prime aim of the procedure seems to be to convince these people of their need for the corrective courses run by the Scientology organisations.
    Was not Julia Lewis-Salmen her self a scientologist?

  5. – more data… Scientology acquired the rights to the test since it is very accurate test.

  6. It was originally called the American Personality Analysis which was developed by a Julia Lewis-Salmen, an American psychologist. It was later reworked by Ray Kemp and Tom Morgan, in England – and since he was English he renamed it “Oxford Capacity Analysis”.

  7. is it in any way affiliated with oxford university?

  8. “Comment by iwasbanned! on January 7, 2010 8:40 pm
    On the same subject why is the scientology personality test called the “Oxford Capacity Analysis”?”

    I don’t know. Maybe because it sounds good?

    – L

  9. Nice article! :) My favorite: “You can go to their site and make up your own mind if, as the quiz is titled, you are “curious about yourself.” If you’re curious about Jesus, the SBC would love to hear from you.”

  10. On the same subject why is the scientology personality test called the “Oxford Capacity Analysis”?

  11. I don’t know how to address what you’re saying… What’s your point with this article?

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