Quiz: Which organization?

What Scientology organization’s lobby is depicted here:

a) The planned Church of Scientology in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota?
b) The Church of Scientology Moscow, Russia, that won against suppressive government action in 2007 and 2009?
c) The newly opened Church of Scientology in Washington, DC?
d) One of the Church’s new publishing houses?
e) A rendering of the new Church of Scientology Plymouth/UK?

The photo is a crop from a free internet photo (so you could find it). I’ll lift the secret by Friday! This time there is nothing substantial to win (unless you want a hug a la Facebook), but you can let also me know what you would want the next time.

– L

Update, 12 January 2010:

It’s a photo of New Era Publications in Denmark! New Era Publications is producing and delivering Scientology materials throughout Europe and CIS. I guess they are currently busy producing those sets of 1,020 CDs that are called the ACCs (or “Scientology’s Dead Sea Scrolls”, per some scribe in Los Angeles). Here is the full photo (big!).


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