Church of Scientology Spain Tax-Exempt now

I almost missed this: As of 14 December 2009 the Church of Scientology was recognized as charitable organization and is tax exempt now.

The story in Spanish here. Google provides an acceptable translation here.

Remarkable! After some decades of heavy back and forth, followed by the 2007 recognition as religious community, the Church of Scientology finally got recognized as what it is: a charitable organization working for the good of everyone. You didn’t know? Well, some stuff you heard might not the true. If you have a question, put it in the comments.

Happy Holidays!

– L



  1. Let’s not forget about what happened with the IRS and the strong arming. That was the only reason Scientology got it here.
    But thankfully the abuses are more public now and Scientology is feeling the heat.

    • “Let’s not forget about what happened with the IRS and the strong arming.”

      Ooooh, the bad religious minority strong arming against the small, helpless US Government….. are you sure you got the right picture there?

      As for Spain, I think it took a lot of persistence and obviously charitable products (theories are not sufficient to be recognized as a charity).

      – L

  2. oh, my! that sounds very excitng, like a detective novel.
    what false information did they receive?
    is that what happened to russia, australia, france, the us and the other countries accepted scientology only when compelled by lawsuit?

  3. why did scientology have to fight so hard for recognition in spain? did spain not want them?

    • Spain was poisoned with false reports about Scientology and I am sure some things were done wrong on either side. So it took quite some time to get this sorted out. But in the end, truth prevails as usual.

      – L

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