There opens another Church

Last week: Rome, Italy

Just now: Washington, DC

Next week: (guess)

Churches of Scientology are opening or moving in bigger premises.  The official statistic of Church groups, Missions and Churches is 8,071.


– L


PS: And here is another photo that just appeared in the Washington Post (4 November 2009):




  1. Nice one, Mark.

    No, that photo is real. Confirmed by a couple of other photos of people I know.

    – L

    PS: Closing thread now. See you at the other one.

  2. Well, that could be, but I can’t say for sure that all of those people are actual scientologists or even that they’re real. Recall that we have seen proof of photographic manipulation of scientology events in the past.

  3. Mark,

    the myth addressed here – and you got that right – is “shrinking”. That new Church seems to be too small already for all the people in front of it.

    – L

  4. What’s the myth that you’re discussing here? :)
    No, but seriously, there are some great units of measurement that would indicate expansion, and I really hope that the CoS, someday, discusses them. In the meantime, purchasing buildings proves only that the group has a lot of money (unless you’re counting personal observations as usable proofs, in which case, our proof differs).

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