One Year Scientology Myths Blog!

The Good: When I set up this blog to complement my website at about one year ago I had not foreseen the many responses I would get, almost 3,800 in the last 12 months! Honestly I was not expecting that there would be that many people online looking for answers to critical questions about Scientology. But you surprised me and the many others who came here to help answering all your questions. I will continue and as usual I am open for any question you can think of!

The Bad: Looking through the comments of the past two months the following came to mind: Some decades ago Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard developed a set of techniques to improve learning and learning speed. It’s called “study technology” and though it is completely secular it is used in Churches of Scientology and many schools alike. About “evaluation of information” Hubbard notes: “The day that marks your death is the day that you sit back and decide that you know everything there is to know about everything there is around you, so there is no reason for you to observe anything anymore.” (Lecture of 11 August 1964, “Study: Evaluation of Information”).

With that in mind I started weeding out the zombies that sometimes plague this blog’s comment sections. As I said a year ago, the the purpose of this place is “to ask questions about Scientology, no matter what type of questions or how stupid they may sound.” It is not a platform for single-track minded blockheads whose only purpose in life seems to be to make others wrong. In turn I want to thank everyone who wants to observe and ask and learn new viewpoints. And in case I accidentally removed a question of yours: sorry! Please post it again or send me an email. Generally, keep on communicating! If you have long texts, want to run by a statement, or – very important – if you miss something here or on Scientology Myths, please send me an email: scientologymyths

I am curious what the next year of Scientology Myths 2.0 will bring!

– Louanne



  1. I agree. Myths is a great place to refer people to.




  2. Hi Louanne, may the following year be even more successful than the last one. Great job

  3. Hi Louanne
    Thanks for your work.
    You do a great job.

  4. Yes congrats. You are making people look for the truth in Scientology. The lies, the money grubbing, the bad treatment of staff etc.
    Keep going.

    • You’d know that there is no such thing in Scientology as those things you stated if you had bothered to do first hand observation, and not live your life on other’s opinions, which due to your generalities, shows that you are doing. Or maybe, it’s just possible that you’re one of those being paid by the Drug companies and psychs to try to discredit us. Then again, you may just have targetted Scientology because it helps people and that drives you nuts!


  5. Congrats Lou :)

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