Scientology speaker – speaks

I am sure that they ran out of time fast. Such a lot of subjects to cover… Additional report in “Mustang Daily” (a student paper?).



  1. Unlike Tommy Davis he admits that disconnection is a part of Scientology and even that there have been abuses or misapplications of disconnection.
    It’s good that he acknowledges this. But the question would be how common these “misapplications” really are, when even the niece of the “church leader”, David Miscavige, fell victim to such a misapplication.
    Also it seems that those misapplications are more common within the SeaOrg.

    • I missed Tommy Davis talking about disconnection. Where was that?

      Kenny, you and I know that “disconnection” is nothing more than breaking up with people you don’t want to talk to anymore. Sometimes they agree, sometimes they don’t. Happens every day. But only when this is somehow “connected” to Scientology there are suddenly “concerns” and no Scientologist has the right to break up with people s/he does not get along with anymore, despite of numerous attempts to heal the connection? This is ridiculous. I wrote a post about this and put it on Scientology myths many months ago:

      This right should not denied to anyone.

      – Louanne

    • Of course everyone has the right to chose the persons around him he wants to stay in communication. This is something, which everyone does naturally anyway and doesn’t need to be reminded of.
      Doesn’t Scientology do more than just reminding people of their right to disconnect?

    • It all comes down to the fact that it’s always been a personal decision. When you object to us as Scientologists from not wanting to communicate to someone anymore you’re trying to deny us a basic human right that everyone has. Kenny, I’d like to see your stats on # of disconnections by Scientologists versus the same by anyone in any other religion (or not religion).


      • It is a personal decision. But as a Scientologist this decision is influenced by Scientology’s teachings, because L. Ron Hubbard describes the circumstances under which in his opinion a disconnection would be to advisable or even mandatory.
        A disconnection would for example be mandatory, when the person has been declared as a SP by the church.

  2. Here is the full presentation:

    Thanks to Anonymous for making it available!

    • “Submitted on 2009/02/19 at 3:55pm
      Here is the full presentation:
      Thanks to Anonymous for making it available!”

      Agreed. It’s never to late to do something good.

  3. “Hiding behind masks, slogans, general arrogance and know-best.”

    That’s not preventing open discussion.

    • “Submitted on 2009/02/17 at 3:49am
      “Hiding behind masks, slogans, general arrogance and know-best.”
      That’s not preventing open discussion.”

      It certainly does. Talking to someone who does not want to listed is wasted time. But I’ll continue trying.

      – L

  4. Yes, but not surprising. Not being responsible for ones actions is a keynote of Anonymous.

    – Louanne

  5. Its unfortunate that people feel they need to wear masks.

  6. # Comment by Kenny on February 16, 2009 1:12 am
    How is Anonymous preventing open discussion with Scientology?

    Hiding behind masks, slogans, general arrogance and know-best.

    – Louanne

  7. Shakehands between Anons and speaker after the presentation:

  8. How is Anonymous preventing open discussion with Scientology?

    What about “attack, never defend”? Scientology was never good at open discussion.

  9. The only reason open discussions with Scientology are so scarce is that people like this jerks from Anonymous are actively preventing it. Every Church has a speaker who could be asked for lectures but this would result in Anonymous lies being revealed as such.

    Get lost, Anon

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