A Scientology funeral – how does it work?

Scientology ceremonies include funerals as much as they include weddings, name giving ceremonies and others. Here is the one on funerals:

… the Scientology funeral service clearly recognizes that the deceased has, as a spiritual being, moved on to assume a new life. The service exhorts those in attendance to remember this fact, and to wish the departed well in his new life.

This sentiment is clear in the following extract from the Scientology Ceremonies Book:

Our loss is gain
In wisdom and in skill
To future dates and other smiles
And so we send into the
Chain of all enduring time
Our heritage
Our hope
Our friend.
Goodbye, [deceased].
Your people thank you for having lived.
Earth is better for your having lived.
Men, women and children are alive today
Because you lived.
We thank you for coming to us.
We do not contest your right to go away.
Your debts are paid.
This chapter of thy life is shut.
Go now, dear [deceased] and live once more
In happier time and place. …


Does Scientology believe in reincarnation or past lives?

A Reincarnation is a definite system that is not part of Scientology. But, it is a fact that unless one begins to handle aberrations built up in past lives, he doesn’t progress.

The common definition of reincarnation has been altered from its original meaning. The word has come to mean “to be born again in different life forms” whereas its actual definition is “to be born again into the flesh of another body.” Scientology ascribes to this latter, original definition of reincarnation.

Today in Scientology, many people have certainty that they have lived lives prior to their current one. These are referred to as past lives, not reincarnation. Past lives is not a dogma in Scientology, but generally Scientologists, during their auditing, experience a past life and then know for themselves that they have lived before.

To believe one had a physical or other existence prior to the identity of the current body is not a new concept—but it is an exciting one.

In Scientology, one is given the tools to handle the upsets and aberrations from past lives that adversely affect one in present time, thus freeing one to live a much happier life.




  1. yes, i agree. it is a beautiful ceremony. it is exactly how i felt when someone close to me deceased. such a ceremony is a cure for hurting souls who suddenly have to let go their beloved someone. when you honestly believe or at least hope in it, you can relieve yourself of much grief after loosing someone dear to you

  2. Thanks Louanne. That’s a beautiful ceremony.

    Here’s something I think is appropriate, too

    “You are a spirit
    You are your own soul
    You are not mortal
    You can be free” – LRH

    Happy new life, Jett!


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