Scientology: No Discrimination

The Church of Scientology is open for everyone who wants to walk its path of salvation. The Scientology Creed begins with the statement, “We of the Church believe that all men or whatever race, color or creed were created with equal rights.” And we mean it.

But – those who work on destroying others or who try to discriminate Scientology members are not tolerated either. As the Creed continues: “That all men have inalienable rights to their own defense; That all men have inalienable rights to conceive, choose, assist or support their own organizations, churches and governments; That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others”. And we mean it.

So, should you wonder why Scientology members will never accept or avert their eyes from attacks on their human rights and those of others, read the Creed of the Church of Scientology. Members of Scientology know what their religion is about, what it gives them and what it can give to others. Face it: Attempts to discriminate Scientologists only result in the end of that discrimination. So why waste your time with it?




  1. i agree with you truth completely. i agree it is a control mechanism to keep only the “good apples” inside.. i tend to understand this viewpoint as a mechanism to “keep Snc working”. not all people that got declared are actually suppressive. in fact, those souls who joined there and then for any reason left, are not in reality suppressive since their prime intention was genuine and purely positive – to be a part of something good that brings betterment to all. so there – it is not suppressive one bit. there are real suppressive persons who never even heard of scn and are not declared publicly. since this is the beginning of a new era, all the people declared suppressive, who in reality are simply confused or dismayed or anything but suppressive seem to be “collateral victims” until one ethically stronger and higher society establishes the routes to recognize and declare real suppressive and treat them accordingly. LRH set one really demanding pace regarding the ethics which is too far ahead of our time and which most people can’t embrace so they consider it kind of cruel and controlling. unfair

    i was wondering, in the pyramid of social classes you have workers on the bottom and chairmen on top. and if you take just a look on how miserably are those workers paid (yet how relevant they are) and on the other side consider the chairmen’s incomes, you can establish the same opinion. why are workers under such a suppression. why? of course you can go further and compare all the benefits and treatment, respect in society the both sides have and draw more conclusions of the same kind. workers are needed, executives are needed. but why does that worker have such an incomparable treatment… so then you can take a look at the SO and see why. all people that join begin on equal grounds. if you mess up once and twice, you get RPF and get yourself something like a “worker’s” label.. what if our society based their pyramids on something that begun really long long time ago, we are not even remotely aware what the … is going on here. ethics? sometimes an ethical way may appear so unfair

  2. truth, i think that this disconnection is due to that PTS situation that stems from the suppression of the person disconnected. i agree that this creates upset and problems on both sides, but i think it is a rule to protect the community. but, the person declared doesn’t have to remain declared suppressive. if one has a child who believes there is something good for him in Scn, one would have enough love for his child to handle his situation and so offers him a chance (in Scn)
    it appears so that human rights are being violated, but if you’d examine the case, frankly and honestly, you could easily get your right to free perspective back.
    however, i understand what you meant by the post written above- it really only appears so, even though it is cruel. you can see the examples of the very same thing elsewhere in life..
    there is one good tale that upholds what i have written – a woman found a wounded poisonous snake in a forest. the snake was injured and dying. the woman felt sorry for the snake and she took her home, nourished it til it got better and strong again. after some time, the snake bit her. the woman asked the snake as she was dying why it has bitten her. and the snake replied – woman, you well knew when you took me in that i was a snake. and the story is old, probably narrated from centuries ago.

  3. Hello,

    i know that Scientologists are being discriminated against in Germany by the german government. I am german myself and strongly against this discrimination. I think that everyone should be free to believe and practice in any religion without discrimination, no matter how unpopular the religion might be.
    Are Scientologists also being discriminated against in other countries?


  4. Comment by Only Love Can Do That on December 29, 2008 9:32 am

    Louanne is right. Any person who has been denied auditing has been for the reasons stated in the Technical Bulletin by LRH. Have you read the actual Bulletin or just going off the spin from the critics? I’ve seen this dig before. Evidently, you don’t disagree that the technology works or you wouldn’t have an issue with our restricting auditing to those who can be helped. That Bulletin was written after years of experience with the difficulties that arise from trying to audit someone who has been given heavy psych drugs and/ or electro-shock treatment, or is terminally ill. I guess you think we should be propitiative for some reason. We don’t owe Scientology to anyone. Those you see here are the able ones, who will continue to help others and make our world a happier place.


  5. Comment by Only Love Can Do That on December 31, 2008 11:53 pm

    That was from the lecture where he talks about how well the black people handled Matter, energy, space and time (MEST), even personifying (giving something a personality by talking to it, like talking to the soil and plants to make them grow, for example). Do you find that interesting? I did. It was an awesome lecture by LRH. You’ve never talked to an object, like a car? This lecture was mentioned before. A prime example of how the critics will take a little piece of some LRH work and try to make it different than what it is. That’s a key reason why these works are copyrighted. We need to preserve it from people who like to make things seem other than what they are. Look at the alteration that could occur in just your little one-liner?


  6. “”Wassa madda wit you, hat?”” -LRH,

  7. “Illegal PCs” are people who might get in trouble receiving Scientology auditing and are therefore not permitted. Actually that status can be petitioned and no one stops then from training, studying and applying Scientology.

  8. Open to anyone except “illegal PCs”, you mean?

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