You could post for 12 hours and it was abused right away

I have created a guest access for the blog. Log in with myths1 as the user name and myths123 as password.

That means you can post your questions now instead of writing in this comment section. This will be a test, let’s see if this is better than this endless comment section here.

The login is here:

– Lu

Update 17 Feb 2008:

The first thing happening now is some jerk used the new account to put spam on the page and changed the password to prevent anybody else to post. Sorry, I didn’t think that this would be abused so fast but sorry, if you want to rant on the net, use another blog. There are plenty of those and this one is different. – Lu



  1. @Comment by Deek on February 22, 2008 2:27 am

    Operating Thetan, just as without “Levels” in “OT Levels”, :-)

    More on that here:

    – Lu

  2. I was wondering what “OT” stands for when referring to the OT Levels?

  3. Partially. This reads to me like someone trying to fake a Scientology press release by repeating some things which the church “normally” promotes (like the religious recognitions all over the world, criticizing hate crimes and illegal attacks etc) plus some other things which are the usually spread by people who are not Scientologists but try to mock it (that’s the Nazi stuff of that release). I don’t know who wrote it but as a whole this is not the mindset of Scientologists.

    – Lu

  4. Hi,

    The following was posted on alt.religion.scientology in response to the February 10 demonstrations. I know that you probably can’t verify whether it is any kind of *official* response from Scientology, but in its totality, does this seem to you a plausible response? i.e. does it seem to reflect the thinking and mindset of the Church of Scientology (and/or its leaders) as you know it?

    1. Hacking is a felony. Sending white powders to harass, spread fear and overwork the authorities is a felony! To undermine freedom of religion is unconstitutional. Taking orders from a foreign secret service to destroy US constitutional laws may be penalized by execution. (Death.) lolwut
    2. Who is behind the international anonymous young criminals? Press release and YouTube videos of Anonymous reads and sounds like Nazi propaganda against Jews.
    3. Scientology wins religious recognition is South Africa, Spain, and Portugal, all within a few weeks.
    4. German secret service is in the hand of psychiatrists. (If you would ever have lived in Germany, you would know that the psychiatrists are even above the courts and government in Germany. No official or German judge would ever overrule a psychiatrist. Most anonymous kids have not much of an education besides hacking, and that is why they don’t know that psychiatrists were former barbers and made horrible experiments on millions of Jews and others.)
    5. History shows that the German secret service was specialized of infiltrating and they still do it. Most of the hacker kids might not even know who their master is but as they are dumb and like criminal actions, they allow this secret service to run them,
    6. Tom Cruise becomes target of a defamation campaign because he dares to speak out his opinion against psychiatry and the pharma industry, which consists of psychiatrists of course. They blow anything that Tom Cruise said completely out of proportion.
    7. The Germans started two world wars, invented the atomic bomb, invented the police state, invented psychiatry and run the anti- religious extremists and the anonymous harassers who are clueless about Scientology.
    8. Who ever dares to point the finger at those who are really behind this, is being harassed and defamed and probably worse.
    9. The German secret service recruits either criminals or young dummies for their purposes. Intelligent people would never participate.
    10. The kids hide their faces during their hate marches because they know that they are lying about the religion Scientology. They know that they violated the laws and don’t want to be sued or prosecuted.

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