What is an Apostate, or “ex-member”?

As posted on ScientologyMyths.info:

From the American Heritage Dictionary: “One who has abandoned one’s religious faith, a political party, one’s principles, or a cause. Usually apostates are called ex-members or former members.”

Lonnie Kliever, Professor of Religious Studies at the Southern Methodist University, says about apostates:

“There is no denying that these (apostates) present a distorted view of the new religions to the public, the academy, and the courts by virtue of their ready availability and eagerness to testify against their former religious associations and activities.”

The full Study: The Reliability of Apostate Testimony About New Religious Movements

I personally think these people SUCK. Too wimpy to sort out their grievances – if they are no made up to begin with – and too much of a coward to address their personal issues.  Disgusting. The Church of Scientology always has an open door for those who change their mind and stop being assholes. And they will, I am positive.

So. Back to something worthwhile.

- L


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  2. More like POOanne, amirite?

  3. scientology is crap

  4. Concur with what you say. Apostates suck! They just bitch!
    Utter B.S. are their claims. Sour grapes is more like it, you know.
    Last person I would ever listen to is an ex. Too much bias for me.
    They obviously can’t get along with others. LOL! Bunch of losers.

    • Love the link.

  5. Ive been browsing this site but my questions remain unanswered so I’ll ask them here ifthats okay (sorry English is notmy first language lol)

    1. Why are celebrities treated so differently than other scientologists and why have so many of them left lately?

    2. I’ve heard that they believe they can leave their bodies. Is this what they do believe? If yes can they see what’s in a locked room or no?

    3. Why are there so people in the world that don’t like Scientology? When did that start? Is it getting more or less?

    4. Why is it so expensive? Could someone like me raising tow kids by myself and working all the time ever volunteer enough to get all the way to the top even thought I have little time?

    Thank you very much for reading my questions.

  6. whole lot of conversations being deleted… it’s very telling that one of the few public pro-scientology blogs is so heavily censored.

    that’s okay, the many many anti-scientology blogs are a little more open.

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